The Night Flight Orchestra – Skyline Whispers

Night Flight Orchestra - Skyline WhispersCD_638I recently revisited my review of Night Flight Orchestra’s debut album Internal Affairs (2012) and I saw that gave it a 9/10. Say what, now??? I’m not sure what I was thinking or maybe the album has grown on me after I wrote the review, but if there is one album that deserves a 10/10, then it’s that album. I have listened to that record constantly since it came out and I can’t find one second on it that isn’t brilliant – and I still can’t find one person in my circle of music loving friends that don’t like that record. I also saw them live at Sweden Rock Festival last year and they were bloody awesome. A short introduction to the band for you who don’t have the urge to read it here might be in place then. This classic rock band was put together when lead vocalist Björn Strid (Soilwork) and David Andersson (guitar, Mean Streak) was touring together many moons ago and in between gigs they discovered their mutual love for classic rock music from the 70’s. Now, I’m not talking only about the usual suspects like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, no, with these guys, the musical stretch was longer. Add Kiss, Boston, Bruce Springsteen, Journey and even The Temptations to the mix and you’re getting there.

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