The Answer

THE ANSWER – Revival

The Answer - Revival 2012Man, I just can’t believe this band. When I first heard of them, they had just released their debut album Rise that got great receptions everywhere. I really liked the album, but it was with their second album Everyday Demons that really knocked me out!

That album was just perfect in my ears and when I heard that The Answer were about to release its follow up I asked myself how on earth they could top that album? Well, I’m not sure if they did, but Revival is easily just as good. The little more commercial touch that they have upgraded their 70’s Zeppelin-ish sound with is nothing but brilliant. But don’t get me wrong, they still rock like crazy and there is nothing cheesy over this what so ever.

The songs are just more memorable now, ”Waste Your Tears” is a brilliant opener, rough and groovy, ”Use Me” is fast and hard rocking, ”Trouble” is a raw kick ass rocker with a great chorus and ”Nowhere Freeway” is a catchy, melodic rocker on which lead singer Cormac Neeson duets with Lynne Jackaman from upcoming british rockers St Jude. ”Tornado” is a heavy blues tune and first single ”Vida (I Want You)” is groovy, yet catchy and almost poppy at times. Brilliant!

”Destroy Me” is just fantastic, catchy, heavy, groovy, a real killer. The album finishes off in a great way with ”Lights Are Down”, a groovy and raunchy ballad. Goosebumps! For the second time in a row, these Irish bunch have made a brilliant album.

There really isn’t anything even remotely bad about this album. In fact, in my opinion all the songs here are killers, the sound is excellent and the musicians are tight and focused. I really don’t wanna offend anybody, but the deal is, if you don’t like this band, you’re probably not that into rock and roll!

Jon Wilmeinus (10/10)


1. Waste Your Tears
2. Use Me
3. Trouble
4. Nowhere Freeway
5. Tornado
6. Vida (I Want You)
7. Caught On The Riverbed
8. Destroy Me
9. New Day Rising
10. Can’t Remember, Can’t Forget
11. One More Revival
12. Lights Are Down

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