MEAT LOAF – Hell In A Handbasket

Meatloaf - Hell in a HandbasketSo, the old dish is back at it again, huh? Last time he gave us some kind of concept album called Hang Cool Teddy Bear.  That one sucked, remember? And for some reason, ole Meatie has become a bit delusional and is slagging his older Bat records,  which is a bit of a scary thought now that he has released yet another album. But not as scary as when he talks about his Teddy Bear in a way that makes it sound like it actually is a good album.

So, with a suspicious mind I find myself giving the new Meat Loaf album another spin and afterwards I can claim that it is better than HCTB, although that doesn’t say that much!

Is the album any good, period? Well, not really. ”All Of Me” is a soft rocker. Ok, but not good, ”Mad, Mad World” is groovy and catchy, a freak song, actually. Until the part when some dude starts to rap in the middle – The song dies there and then. What’s up with stupid crap like that?

”Party Of One” is a poor attempt on writing a party song. ”Live Or Die” gives us hope again. It’s a groovy rocker that works very well. Then he slips again. This time with a totally pointless cover of an already overrated song, ”California Dreaming” by The Mamas & The Papas.

No matter what you think of the song, it’s a boring choice of a cover. Hello, imagination anybody?

The ending saves the album from becoming a similar fiasco like its predecessor. ”40 Days” is a bluesy classic rock track that is pretty good and ”Stand In The Storm” is a really heavy thing, almost metal. Meat Loaf was never metal, but this song really works.

Whilst this album really kicks his last one, it’s still not good enough. The problem is, apart from the fact that too many songs just don’t cut it, is that he tries too hard to do something new. The album feels schizophrenic with too many styles of music on it, almost like compilation album.

Still you have to give him pat on the shoulder for at least trying. No cigar this time, but at least one step forward.

Jon Wilmenius (4/10)

Track list:

1.    All Of Me
2.    Fall From Grace
3.    The Giving Tree
4.    Mad Mad World / Good God Is A Woman And She Don’t
5.    Party Of One
6.    Live Or Die
7.    California Dreamin’
8.    Another Day
9.    40 Days
10.  Our Love And Our Souls
11.  Stand In The Storm
12.  Blue Sky


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