Green Day band photo


Green Day - DosHere’s part two of three in Green Day’s new album trilogy, aptly titled !Dos! which was kind of expected as the first one was called !Uno!. You don’t need a whole lot imagination to figure out what the third one will be called, out very soon. This CD is more or less a continuation of its predecessor. To be frank, what I looked forward to with this one the most was to see how this triple extravaganza music release would affect the quality of the music. The first one turned out be very good and the guys tried out some new things with their music, making the album varied and fresh. The album opens with “See You Tonight” which is more an intro than an actual song and it goes directly in to “F**K Time”, a very good plain rock and roll tune, “Stop When The Red Lights Flash” is, for us who loves 21st Century Breakdown, the highlight of this album and in “Wild One” they bring us a slow hard rock song, catchy as hell and a fantastic tune. The pop rock of “Stray Heart” is recognizable as to how Green Day usually sounds when they do this kind of stuff and “Nightlife” is a brave move, mixing their brand of rock music  with some funky hip hop influences with Lady Cobra on guest vocals. For you who knows the Swedish band Infinite Mass, the sound  is similar to how their later stuff sounds. In “Wow! That’s Loud” they have managed to write a dark song that still sounds happy. Safe to say, the quality  of the songs isn’t affected at all.

Even though I find !Uno! to be a slightly better album, I still think this one is very good as well. And kudos to the boys for trying to break some new ground instead of sticking to the same old formula time and again. Green Day has decided, and they did that several albums ago, that they are not content with being just another teenage pop punk hit band, but constantly challenging both themselves and the listener by reinventing their sound without sounding like a completely different band. Because no matter which kind of music they are trying out, their melodies makes sure that they always sounds like Green Day. Thumbs up from this guy.

Jon Wilmenius (7/10)

Track list:

1.  See You Tonight
2.  F–k Time
3.  Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4.  Lazy Bones
5.  Wild One
6.  Makeout Party
7.   Stray Heart
8.   Ashley
9.   Baby Eyes
10.  Lady Cobra
11.  Nightlife
12.  Wow! That’s Loud
13.  Amy

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