Wednesday 8th June

Crashdïet – Sweden Stage (7/10)

It was still daylight when Crashdïet took the stage this  cloudy, but warm Wednesday evening at 6.30. For a visual band like these Swedish glamsters, daylight is not an ideal situation, where the show depends much on a big light show and pyro. But having seen them on several occasions before, I know that they’re a hard-working band and that the fact that they play with a lot of passion takes them pretty far without it. However, this night it felt like something was missing. Despite playing old favourites like ”Riot In Everyone” and ”Knokk U Down” and all the members including charismatic frontman Simon Cruz seemed to give it their all, they weren’t quite reaching out properly. So it was a bit of a surprise that it was the newer hits that saved the day. ”In The Raw”, ”Chemical”, ”Armageddon” and the title track off their latest CD, ”Generation Wild” made the crowd in front of Sweden Stage more or less explode and the guys could walk off stage knowing that they made an effort this evening. However, I have seen them far better than this. The reason why it started out this lame is anybody’s guess, maybe it was the nerves that reared its ugly head. But as whole, Crashdïet did a good job and with the fine ending I’m sure no one will even think about the shaky start.

Hardcore Superstar – Sweden Stage (8/10)

Hardcore Superstar is always a joy to watch live and to see them headline SRF this Wednesday night was something I looked forward to. Especially when we were reached by the news that they would play the whole of their now classic self titled black album. However, almost just in time for when the guys were about to hit the stage, the goddamned rain started to pour. And pour it did, for almost an hour, which in turn made me miss almost the whole of their ”black album” set. And when the rain has stopped, only a couple of ”black album” songs were left to play. Still, with a new, great album to promote I was happy to see and hear that they had chosen to play a lot of that album, since it is my favourite HCSS album. With their high energy show and new songs like ”Sadistic Girls”, ”Bully”, ”Last Call For Alchohol”, ”Split Your Lip”, ”Guestlist” and the acoustic ”Here Comes That Sick Bitch” they certainly killed this night. Newest member, guitar virtuoso Vic Zino has found his place in the band and feels very natural besides the ever smiling bassist Martin Sandvik and singer Jocke Berg, always running around like a wounded lion, making it impossible to look away. Drummer Adde putting on his own show behind the drums, Tommy Lee-wise  also helps a HCSS show to never have a dull moment. Too bad about the rain, but of what I saw, their gig was a real killer.


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