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Queensryche - Frequency UnknownFirst of all, to call this project Queensryche feels somewhat awkward as the only original member here is singer Geoff Tate. The soap opera that has been going on in the Queensryche camp the last couple of years has been disturbing for both sides and the fact that their albums of late has made sure that they more or less have lost their audience. When original members Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson together with guitarist Parker Lundgren, who also happened to be Tate’s son in law decided to first fire their manager who was also Tate’s wife and then Tate himself, all Hell broke loose. The band accused Tate for not only ruining the band musically but also of drawing a knife, spitting on and starting a fist fight with the rest of the band.

Now they are fighting about who is entitled to use the band’s name and while the case is still in court, the judge ruled in favor for both parties to use it until the whole thing is settled. And first out with a new release is Geoff Tate. Tate quickly formed a new version of the band and hired guitarists Kelly Gray (ex Queensryche…) and Glen Drover (ex Megadeth), bass player Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio), drummer Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) and keyboard player Randy Gane. And he did that just when his second solo effort Kings And Thieves was newly released. However, it didn’t take long for both Drover and Blotzer to jump the ship. They are now replaced by guitarist Robert Sarzo (Hurricane) and drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, John Norum, Dio). And with this album out so close to his solo album, one can’t help but to wonder if Tate has rushed this just for the sake of having a product out before his former bandmates.

Now, judging by the fact that Tate has been the one running Queensryche musically for the last albums and that his latest solo album was somewhat uneven, I guess I’m not the only one without any expectations at all – or really low ones. That’s why it’s very surprising that opening track and first single “Cold” is a great song, one of the best I have heard on a Queensryche album in years, but unfortunately this doesn’t last very long. “Dare” sounds like the same experimental crap we’ve been served for the last albums, “Give It To You” is a decent ballad at best and “Slave” sounds unstructured and confused. But there is some good stuff on here other than the opener. “In The Hands Of God” is superb and sounds like Queensryche should, “Life Without You” is a pretty good rock song, “Everything” is pop rock and really good and “Weight Of The World” is an ok song that lies in the vein of old Queensryche. So far, so ok. But then we get new recordings of old songs. Here is where Tate has gone too far. “I Don’t Believe In Love”, “Empire”, “Jet City Woman” and “Silent Lucidity” gets totally slaughtered by Tate and his band. Does he actually believe that these versions even comes close to the originals? If so, he needs to get his head examined.

Also the production is horrible. It sounds dry and unfinished, like a demo and I guess the album was rushed after all, just as I expected. Still, it’s way better than I thought it would be. Or less worse. No matter what, for Tate to call this band Queensryche is a joke. This is not Queensryche, this is a continuation of Tate’s solo career and should be billed as such. I’m gonna put a dime on the other version of the band as the band who earns the name the most. We’ll see in June if I’m right.

Jon Wilmenius (5/10)


1. Cold
2. Dare
3. Give It to You
4. Slave
5. In The Hands of God
6. Running Backwards
7. Life Without You
8. Everything
9. Fallen
10. The Weight of the World
11. I Don’t Believe in Love
12. Empire
13. Jet City Woman
14. Silent Lucidity

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  1. Frequency Unknown is killer killer new release from Queensryche and Weight of the World is the gem on this release, Queensryche should immediately include this song on there 25th anniversary Mindcrime tour. Very powerful song as good as any Queensryche has ever done.
    congrats to all involved I thouroughly enjoy this release…good luck with it!

  2. Problem is, just because it says Queensrÿche on the cover, doesn’t mean that it’s actually a Queensrÿche album. And this one isn’t. This is a Geoff Tate solo album. And it really could be better…

    • Frequency Unknown is Queensryche through and through with Slave, Weight of the World all the songs are Queensryche and its definitely a return to form for Queensryche…could of been better? Well i’ll bet some critic said the same about British Steel Priest…..its subjective isn’t it? Common you can do better!!! I hope.

      • British Steel had four original members on it. Frequency Unknown has one. The band itself is a roundabout of members that ha had more lineup changes than QR has had on 30 years. That’s not Queensryche. That’s a solo album, in my opinion.

  3. I can do better??? This is just my opinion. Which seems to coincide with most people’s opinion about this debacle. Besides, I’m not the one who releases crappy albums, so it seems to me that Geoff Tate is the one who should do better.
    Still, in the end, it is just a matter of taste, but no matter how you look at it, this doesn’t sound like classic Queensrÿche, this has more in common with Tate’s solo album (which this really are as well) or the later Queensrÿche releases.

  4. Hehe. I could only spot one typo so I guess U did alright…. 😉
    I just spotted that both of you are named Mike. I can reveal that my middle name is Mikael, so I guess we’re three Mikes discussing this. 😀

  5. I guess everything queensryche ever did was a Geoff Tate solo release? Everything they did were his an Chris Degarmo’s they were the main songwriters and all there music was always current events in there lives or w/Mindcrime a fictional story and none of the Queensryche music ever sounded the same so Mike your opinion is your opinion and not fact no matter how many others agree w/you.
    There’s been alot of disrespect passed around on the net by keyboard experts targeting Geoff Tate who is considered one of the greatest singer, songwriter and performers in the history of hard rock – Heavy metal music and on the other hand jackson, rockenfield and wilton aren’t close too the greatest of all times at anything. Geoff Tate and Degarmo were alwaysthe rockstars in Queensryche and GT carried jackson, rockenfield and wilton on his shoulders for years so join the smear campaign if you like mike but consider reality when doing so, Geoff Tate will go down in history as one of the greatest of all times and Frequency Unkown is Queensryche because GT wrote the music like/he always did!

    Think for yourself.

    • To me, it’s really simple: Freq. Unknown doesn’t look or sound like Queensryche. The album cover alone is so far removed from Queensryche (usually classy). I don’t hear Scott’s drums, which are so important to the QR sound. I don’t hear that warm Wilton tone. I don’t hear Eddie’s signature rumble. I don’t hear many songs worth listening to twice. That’s not QR. And I also suspect that Tate exaggerates how much he wrote. Where would he be without Jason Slater?

      A judge will decide in November, and a large part of that will be a) reviews, and b) sales numbers. Based on reviews alone (9/10 from Carl Begai for the REAL Ryche’s new album) I think Tate is going to lose the name.

    • Geoff tate primarily contributed lyrics and vocals to old Queensryche albums. Chris Degarmo along with Michael Wilton were the main composers when it actually came to the music. Geoff Tate is not Queensryche. He hijacked the band and took the music in a direction that suited his own personal taste, which has moved far, far away from what fans want or expect from Queensryche. Geoff once said he is embarrassed by old Queensryche and doesn’t even like metal. He also recently said that he doesn’t want to be in a band anymore. That means he wants to continue run the show instead of being in a band. That sounds like a solo career. How can that be Queensryche? How can anybody side with him after that? In my opinion, there are many more factors involved in what he is up to these days, and I personally don’t think it’s in the best interest of Queensryche. He once took hold of the flame, but eventually threw it down, stomped on it, spit on it, and attempted to blow it out. However, the spirit of Queensryche has risen from the ashes. Just listen to the self-titled release and you will hear the truth in the hear and now my friends.

      • True that, John. True that.
        But isn’t weird that Geoff’s live shows now consists of 90% old Queensrÿche material when the guy said that he doesn’t even like metal or the the old QR stuff?

        Oh well. What I have heard from Geoff’s shows is that it sounds really good, but without the other guys, it just doesn’t have the QR sound no matter how good his band is.

      • GT Queensryche uses no click tracks, changes things to the ear and according to Geoff Tate this is the first time Queensryche music has really been played live.

        Toddryche is still using click tracks.

      • When i make valid points like click tracks being used by Queensryche over the years for live performance and the fact Geoff Tate Queensryche not using click tracks with his all star line up and Toddryche still using them for live shows you erase the post. Why? Its factual info provided to this site for free and is information for any reader. Why suppress information?

      • So? Big deal. Shitloads of bands uses click tracks. Even more bands uses backing tracks. And how do you really know they actually do use click tracks? How do you know that Tateryche doesn’t? Because Geoff said so?
        He also said that he finds Queensrÿche older albums pubertal and that he finds metal a stupid form of music.
        But the thing is, I dpn’t care as long as they’re not lip synching and does playback. Using click tracks does not make it not live.

      • Easy now. I haven’t had the time to go through all the replys and comments here, yet. And I haven’t erased anything, just haven’t approved all the comments. Yet. And some of the comments will remain unapproved.

      • Geoff Tate says this is the first time Queensryche has played an indoor arena without a full moon; ever……Toddryche still only play outdoor venues only on full moon nighs!……….slow down , don’t jump the shark “great and powerful!”…….I keep waiting for “SILENCE! “Dare you come forward in front of the great and powerful Oz!

        Never said anything wrong w/click tracks boss man. Lol

      • Ladano had some interesting information, where do you obtain info of that detail? When one side says “were playing without click tracks first time” and the other side says “your damn right you are because you don’t have the capability of click tracks” it kinda says this split wasn’t a planned and staged strategy, but it looks like both factions have benefitted from all the propaganda especially Tate with big crowds and fans blown away with his Operation Mindcrime performance the shoes look good Jon especially with Tishey.

  6. First of all, I have always been a QR fan. Everything from their first EP to Promised Land are pure greatness. Things started go downhill on Hear In The Near Frontier and after that one DeGarmo left and that’s when Tate started his journey down shit creek. After HITNF, QR hasn’t released one truly great album, although OM II had its moments.
    Sure Tate and DeGarmo wrote much of the classic QR stuff, but it’s not like the other guys weren’t involved. But that’s beside the point, because no matter how great you once were, you’re only as good as your latest album. Tate might have been an awesome singer and songwriter, but he’s not all that anymore. He also seems to be a douche by large. Not only does his music piss most of his old fans off, his behavior has also proved to be somewhat demented.
    Tate may have written all the music for FU, but that still doesn’t make it an QR album. It doesn’t sound like QR and he’s the only one left of the original band. Time will tell who will get the rights for the QR name, but I have a strong feeling it won’t be Tate’s all star line up – which changes every week.
    And about sold albums, first, does sold quanteties automatically makes for great albums? In that case, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer really made some incredible music…
    Second, 25 million? Did Tribe sell that many? OMII? American Soldier? Dedicated To Chaos? Wouldn’t think so. Those albums have probably not sold more than 100 000 world wide each. If that many.
    And I did think for myself. That’s how I wrote the review. I’m sorry if my review hurt but I really don’t care how great a band once were, if they release crap records, then that’s how I review them, I don’t judge new records on past glories.

    • Jon, one valid point (which you already know but I’ll bring it up anyway). Tate didn’t write “all” the music on FU. He had so many co-writers, I wonder if he wrote any? Lyrics and vocal melodies maybe? Jason Slater wrote a lot of the music. Lukas Rossi co-wrote a track — that isn’t very Queensryche.

  7. Yes, I know. I don’t think Tate has written one song all by himself and on the earlier QR albums, DeGarmo was the musical mastermind, not Tate. I saw that Convict from OMII is credited to Tate alone, though. I’m not sure about his soloalbums, as I don’t own Kings And Thieves and his first one, which I like a lot, I might add, doesn’t have any song writing credits on the CD.
    And as you pointed out, Mike, QR were never about Tate’s voice alone. It’s sad the other musicians musical abilities aren’t mentioned as they as brilliant musicians with a style of their own. The music on Taterÿche’s album could have been played by anyone but it’s pretty plain to hear that Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield aren’t involved…

    • Isn’t Convict a 10 second bit of dialogue?

      It’s silly how worked up fans are getting about reviews for an album. It’s just an album. And Jon your review was more even handed than anything on Amazon.

      Bottom line: follow the band you like. If you like both, that’s great. I’ll see on Tuesday which I like better. But people should calm down. Who cares if I think Tate has sucked for 10 years? I barely care! Lol.

  8. Spin it, twist it anyway you wish Geoff Tate was always the rock star in Queensryche and is considered one of the greatest of all times and ill checkmate boh of you on your private debate on creativity and songwriting with two words OPERATION MINDCRIME!!!….CHECKMATE!

  9. On the other hand wilton, jackson and rockenfield will never be considered greats in the hard rock-heavy metal world but come November they may be members of a Queensryche cover band! That would serve these three freeloaders well!

  10. You two should think things through before typing …….when Rage, Mindcrime, Empire and Promised Land came out hard rock was the music of the times and the muic industry was much different people actually bought records back instead of stealing tthe music off the net.

    Funny how the freeloaders act like they were kidnapped and held at gunpoint to do any record that didn’t reach pllatinum status! Lol

  11. Neither one of you guys are true Queensryche supporters, it was always about challenging the status quo, questioning everything and thinking for yourself. Everything you both rolled out in our debate is all the typical propaganda all over the net in regards to the Queensryche split, your just repeating what you “heard” or read on the net! You better go study up on your Screaming in Digital!!!…lol! Meanwhile I’ve been keeping up w/both versions on youtube, Todd sucks staggering and stumbling around on stage no presence and Geoff Tate Queensryche misses the deadbeats none w/Tichey playing the drums, fact!!!….you guys keep spreading the disease of lies and propaganda and ill keep it real w/GT the mind of Queensryche! !!!

  12. Ill prefer to take it you ment animated, ….”it appears Geoff Tate is animated” are you sure you know what the word you used means? Seriously? ….the guy definitely lost his cool and its easy for everybody to say “id never do that” but we never walked the road and we certainly don’t know the entire story because the story started 30 yrs ago and the story that started 30 years ago everybody involved has a different interpretation of. Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield betrayed Geoff Tate at the first best opportunity Geoff Tate fell into the trap set up for him in Brazil for all too see.

    I like the guy more now, the incident showed me he’s human.

    One of the best I’ve ever seen perform and I’ve seen them all, Geoff Tate is a rock star.

    My girl and I met Geoff in Clearwater Fl, she’s my girl that is, likes meeting celebs, me not so
    much so I didn’t say much just that I always enjoyed the bands shows and that we always attended the fl shows and that we had went to Vegas in 08 for Mandalay house of blues show that was a killer killer show. On there other hand my girl spoke w/Geoff for several minutes about what a particular song they did meant to her and Geoff was gracious and very cool with my girl because it meant something and was important at thatt time to her so I appreciated his kindness and kind words so I like the guy and he is a hard rock legend but also human……..imperfection! {Queensryche }

  13. I think Geoff should do Weight of the World in encore for 25th anniversary shows, the last song of night…….I like Frequency Unknown the record its very decent listen, I listen to it alot ironically I like em all alot especially Slave, Weight of World, give it to you these songs are very Queensryche so I find it ludicrous for people to say things like “this isn’t Queensryche “! Bulls**t!……..later

  14. Great. I guess Taterÿche now have two fans. So happy for you both.
    But seriously, calm down will ya. As Mike, said, it’s just an album and this is just a review. My opinions. Nothing more. We all have different tastes. I really don’t see the reason to get so worked up over it. If you like it – great. I didn’t. Big deal. Now let’s move on and let’s not waste any more energy discussing this. Peace out!

    • Jon it’s just one guy. Mike Ritow and Neue Regel are the same dude, click their names. They are just 1/5000th of Geoff’s current fanbase.

      But I’m done here…sorry Jon I’d love to stay and chat but I can’t have a real conversation with anybody who (doesn’t know me but) somehow knows I’m not a “true fan”. Eddie Jackson didn’t think I wasn’t a true fan which I interviewed him 12 years ago. Oh well; I think I’ll go with Eddie’s opinion rather than some faceless dude on the internet.

      Cheers Jon.

  15. Nobody worked up here!!! Lol…..your review on Frequency Unknown seemed straightforward and neutral , it was your comments that followed that seemed like you may have been swayed by the net propaganda and smear of Geoff Tate. Piling on Geoff Tate would be easier and more trendy if I were someone who didn’t think for themself, I don’t mind being 1/5,000. I don’t know the entire story of split but at the end of the day Geoff Tate and Chris Degarmo will go down in the history books as the creative force behind the first 25 million Queensryche records sold, they were the rock stars in Queensryche!!!…….cheers1

  16. But there are no propaganda. Just like you and everybody else who don’t the guys personally has to make up their minds by reading what’s out on the net, nothing strange with that at all. And I have followed both parties and what comes out is that Tate seems like the douche here, not the other guys. Tate is the one that tells his audience they suck, he was the one spitting on and threatening his old band members, he was the one that took a fan’s mobile phone at a gig and threw it out in the crowd. And his home video was so out there there’s no doubt that the guy needs a reality check. And of course, Tate is the one responisble for the last Ryche albums and he has admitted himself that the rest of the band weren’t that much involved in the recording of them. That’s why QR has sounded like QR for ages. And when it comes to the music, I let everything else slide and the fact is, I didn’t find this album any better than 5/10. And that’s me being nice.
    About the earlier QR albums, I don’t think anyone will argue about the fact that Tate and DeGarmo (mostly DeGarmo) was the most songwriters of the band. And nobody will argue about the fact that Tate was once one of the best singers and frontmen in hard rock. ONCE! But there is also the fact that Wilton, Rockenfield & Jackson played a HUGE part in the QR sound and therefore it’s just as unfair to call them freeloaders as if I would have claimed that Tate never mattered, which I never did.
    Love the Tateryche all you want, but just because it has Tate’s voice on it doesn’t make it a QR album. Because the sound is not there. This doesn’t sound more like Ryche album than Kings & Thieves or Tate’s self titled solo album (which I love). But what I have heard from the other guys QR so far, that has a lot of the QR sound, which makes Tate’s version the real coverband.

  17. Nah, that interview explains nothing because I never knew of its existence! LMAO!. A third grader could easily see the smear campaign against Geoff Tate! Lol….go to the breakdown room anybody listening its the funniest sh*t I’ve ever encountered.

  18. Neue Regel gives toddryche new record 3/10, I watched them on mexico city youtube do one off there new release and it about put the crowd to sleep which is hard to do out of the states. If they performed that one in Oklahoma fans wouldve had there cots and sleeping bags out! Lol!…I’ve listened to the toddryche release front to back its horrible and not suprised.

    Because of Slave I give Frequency Unknown 7-8/10……a song of the times for the world

  19. I like how mikeladano name drops jackson! Name dropping usually shows lack of self confidence! Funny mike, you should believe in your own beliefs….stand on your own ttwo feet brother man!

  20. Yeah, just like you had to tell us about you meeting up with Tate, like that had anything to do with anything. If you live in a glass house….
    Besides, there is no smear campaign. Never has been. Everything said about Tate are stuff that Tate brought on himself. If anything, you’re the one on a smear campaign against the Todd fronted QR. Everything I have heard and seen with Toddryche totally blows Tateryche off the face of the earth. And yes, I have heard the new Toddryche album as well. Best one since Promised Land and it totally have the QR sound. But that’s another review coming up soon….

  21. My girl and I meeting Geoff Tate as anyone who reads our conversation would agree has plenty to do with our conversation after your personal attacks ! Lol…..no smear campaign? Lol…..I mentioned meeting GT to endorse Geoff Tate not myself! Lol…..better brush up on what exactly is considered name dropping ….lmao!

    • You’re the only one making personal attacks, dude. Anyway I’m done with this troll, for real this time. One of my writers will be posting his review for the new Queensryche album this week. Can’t wait to see what he, and Jon, have to say about it.

      Cheers Neue Regel/Mike Rietow. Glad you liked Frequency Unknown. I didn’t. You can call it a “smear campaign” if you like. It’s hard to have an opinion when people like yourself insist it’s wrong 🙂 What I would suggest is this: Instead of complaining about a well-written review like this one, go and start your own website and review it yourself. I’m sure we’d love to come and check out your own writing work.


      I’m done. Cheers.

  22. Check out animated Geoff Tate at fan filmed footage Cleveland youtube! Tichey is a monster player on drums for Empire! “You gotta be an enlightened mother f***ker to get around the violence in this world”……… ANIMATED.

      • Didn’t you see the other credits when you checked? What is “Wickipedia”? Why are you so obsessed with Tate? Where is your website? I want to read your Frequency Unknown review.

      • Wikipedia only shows the names of the writers, not who wrote what. Besides, I still have the interview with DeGarmo and Tate from 1992 when they were promoting Promised Land on Headbanger’s Ball Europe on video, where DeGarmo reveals that the album was his baby musically, that he wrotee the bulk of it and Tate didn’t object to that one bit.

  23. Ok. This will be the last of me on this subject as well.
    1. There has been no personal attacks on Geoff Tate here. We have only been writing about stuff we all know happened. Why you’re on crusade to make Tate look better is anyone’s guess. But it can’t be that healthy taking stuff like this personally, unless you’re Tate’s friend or something. That would explain a lot…
    2. Promised Land was very much DeGarmo’s baby. He wrote all of the music for that one, except for the two tracks that Rockenfield wrote. Tate was involved in some of the lyrics that he co-wrote.
    3. Nobody has ever said anything bad about Tate’s hired hands. We all know they are all great musicians. Yes, we all know Brian Tichy is a brilliant drummer. We also know that Tichy is Tate’s third drummer for this “band”. We also know that he’s on his third guitar player. That with all the guests makes for a true solo album.
    4. That you would give the Todd fronted Ryche album a 3/10 wasn’t really a shocker as you probably had decided to give it something like that from go, without even hearing a note from it.
    5. If you were the true QR supporter you say you are, and apparently me and Mike aren’t, you would hear that there are nothing in the music on Freq U except Tate’s voice that has anything to do with QR, not the arrangements, not the players, not the melodies, nada! But there are shitloads of that on the Toddryche record.

    Now, I won’t discuss this no further and I suggest you do the same. You will not change anybody’s mind here no matter what you write, so let it rest!

  24. I didn’t erase them, I just didn’t add them. And the reason is that this is a waste of space and time and I can’t be bothered with it anymore. I have better things to do with my time, so enuff already. Now please get over this and get a life, will ya?

    • Its your story so tell it any way you like! …lol! …..but if you choose to debate in order to discredit a differing opinion than yours at least have tener cojones to include all comments not just your own! …lmao! Its unhealthy to take a debate so personal and serious! Loosen up its not the end of the world lots of people disagree w/your review………..big crowds at Queensryche starring Geoff Tate!

      You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts! Relax its ok!

  25. Wasn’t really trying to win bro , don’t like the net bashing of the bands I grew up listening too, Mustaine, Halford, Ozzie, Ripper Owens, Don Dokken just too mention a few who have been bashed and now Geoff Tate. These rock legends are all getting older but still have alot to offer and most probably wont be performing a whole lot longer, so with all the net BS at what point do these rock legends and more I didnt mention say “f**k this everybody is stealing our work so we can’t make any real money anyway” “f**k it I got money” and retire like Zepplin did. Then what?
    Everybody is entitled to there opinion but a guy of your stature, knowledge and passion for the game could be above the drama which the review was and then the comments came and I thought I was on Blabbermouth which is all drama and no love for the music.

    The music of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will never be surpassed IMO!!!

    • But there’s no drama. I just posted my opinions, opinions that are being shared by, well, lots of people. Fact is, you’re the only person I have ever seen or heard defend Tate’s recent actions. I posted this in the review because I felt they were relevant to the whole QR soap opera and needed to be in there because of the fact that this version of QR is Tate’s one man show and I wanted to write why that was.
      Plus, I don’t care at all if the artist is my favourite band in the world, if they start releasing garbage, I will say so. I’m not gonna praise people and throw money over them just because I used to love them.
      And when it comes to Tate, it’s really beyond me that anyone can defend the crap he’s been throwing around lately. But still, how he acts as a person has nothing to do with the music and me, and more or less his whole fanbase seem to had enuff of the lsatest QR music. Just look at the sales. They are low even for the illegal downloading times we’re living in today. I LOVE the old QR albums and Tate was once one of my all time favourite singers, but QR hasn’t delivered anything worthwhile since the decent Hear In The Now Frontier.
      We are all entitled to our opinions, but we’re not getting anywhere over this and this is just a waste of time discussing something as trivial as this. It’s all about taste in the end.
      Can we please let this go now? Let’s just agree to disagree and move on.

  26. I don’t subscribe to the fan boy mentality. When an artist does something I don’t approve of, I say so rather than to slobberingly go with the flow. Tate’s lost me with his music and dismissive, egotistical attitude. Maybe forever. Thankfully Queensryche still carries on without him.

    • Didn’t you say you were done posting on here three times? Why are you so obsessed with neue regel?…..lol

      • Why are you refering to yourself in third person? And why are you so obsessed with Geoff Tate? And why are you so obsessed with posting the same thing over and over on here?

  27. Im gonna ignore mikeladano because he either can’t read and comprehend english or he got his education off the back of a pack of matches or both and nothing in his last reply has any relevance in any part of this conversation.

    To all Keyboard music experts all over the world heckling from the peanut gallery, Mustaine, Halford, Ripper Owens, Don Dokken, Geoff Tate, Ozzie just to mention a few who have been heckled by the “keyoard experts” are all killer musicians in the greatest era of music in hard rock-heavy metal ,keep in mind you’ve heard of them but they’ve never heard of you and for good reason.

    I defend the fact that none of know exactly what happened. We only know what we hear and read

    • You’re the only one who can’t read, dude. I realize I used fairly big words such as “mentality” but all you had to do was ask and I would have simplified it for you.

      You accused me of not being a fan, because I am trashing Tate. I am telling you that to be a fan, you don’t have to blindly worship an artist and every step (or mis-step) that they make. That kind of person is what is called a “fanboy”. I am a fan. Not a fanboy.

      For example, I wrote an article explaining why I think Paul Stanley should give it a rest for a few years and let his voice rest. I don’t like that they are touring now, and Paul sounds worse than ever. So I said so. I am a Kiss fan. Not a fanboy.

      Let me know if you need further help.

      I. Don’t. Like. Tate’s. Music.

      Bottom line.

      • Add Kiss to your keyboard experts list? Huh? What does that even mean? Does that mean you think Paul sounds great? That would explain a lot about you.

      • He means that because Kiss is one of your favourite bands you HAVE to love everything they do and you can’t think anything else than Paul Stanley sings like Pavafuckingrotti. Because if you don’t, you’re not a fan…

      • I understand that mentality. I definitely used to be that way,with a lot of bands, Kiss included. I don’t see the point in trying to polish a turd anymore!

      • Exactly. I don’t give a crap about how good an artist once was. If my fave band releases a crap album, then that’s what I’m gonna say. But neue regel believes that because Tate was once a killer vocalist, then we have to love everything he’ll ever do…

  28. “I defend the fact that none of know exactly what happened. We only know what we hear and read”

    “don’t like the net bashing of the bands I grew up listening too”

    …and still you’re bashing on 3/5 of the original line-up calling them freeloaders like they never mattered. Again, that glass house is in danger…

    And when it comes to Mike, all of his replies has got everything to do with this conversation. You on the other hand keep repeating yourself in reply after reply. Plus, you keep calling everybody else keyboard hecklers. You’re a keyboard heckler just because you point out an opinion that’s not all positive? Well, lucky for us we have you as the music expert here then…
    Btw, if you check out the Hard Rock section and choose 2012, there are reviews of Geoff Tate and Dokken albums there….

  29. I’ll just point out that this article has 57 comments from 3 people. Yet somehow we’ve managed to get absolutely nowhere in 57 comments.

    The last time such a thing happened on my site, it was from a Tate apologist as well.

  30. I defend only that none of us know exactly what happened. We only know what we hear or read.

    It appears to me from what I’ve read and heard Geoff Tate’s wife and daughter which were a part of the management team were fired just before a show in Brazil and Geoff Tate was told “you are next”. To me, my opinion from seeing numerous Queensryche shows GT was always the rock star in Queensryche especially since Degarmo left but all together even without Degarmo they were a very formidable band and could outplay or play equal with just about any band we can think of but ultimately GT carried the other three original members keeping the band viable, if toddryche had come about in 95-96 Queensryche would have been long gone by now. From the looks of it the three planned to fire GT and set him up in Brazil and he took the bait on video. Geoff Tate was betrayed after keeping the other three original members in the music industry for all these years. I may have blown up as he did or worse if my theory of the plan to fire one rocks most dynamic front men Geoff Tate is true.


    • Tell me why else would the other three members fire the management team (which consisted of Geoff Tates wife and daughter) a couple hours before a show?

      What would Ozzy do if somehow his band had the authority to fire his wife?

      • QR aren’t Tate’s band and never were. Tate took control over something that was never his in the first place and the rest of them had it because they were dragging the QR name in the mud.
        So, the Ozzy comparision doesn’t hold. Try again.

      • If I remember correctly, when they recorded the EP, they were just the four original guys, and Tate hadn’t joined yet. Does that sound accurate? I believe they hired Tate to record the EP, who only then decided to join the band. I believe there are quotes out there to the effect that he didn’t like their music back then.

    • That’s what I heard also, Mike.
      Yes, Geoff has said in recent years that he finds the old QR stuff stupid and that he’d rather not perform that music live at all and that’s why the later QR has sounded the way the do. And now he’s out there playing those songs with his solo band….

      • A point I’d like to make — Neue Regel complains of a smear campaign. But this discussion never would have reached this length if it wasn’t for the fact that Neue Regel forces us to defend our personal opinions — our personal tastes! Which is nothing but subjective anyway. So here we are, explaining why we’re dissatisfied with Tate and Frequency Unknown, all valid reasons.

        My point though is, we wouldn’t even be going to these lengths to explain ourselves, example after example after example, if Neue Regel weren’t constantly trying to “prove” a point, instead of accepting that different people like different things.

        Conclusion: The only “smear campaigns” are brought on by Tate apologists who stir it up themselves.

      • I heard the next toddryche is gonna be titled “Operation Mind F**k” I know a couple people down on the beach indian rocks who know him and got neue regel inside scoop! Cover art gonna consist of a transparent human head with a red brain and smiling skull!

  31. neue regel said:

    and then said:
    “Wasn’t really trying to win bro”

    LeBrain says: Hypocrite – (noun) 2. : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

    Jon said: “glass houses”

    LeBrain says: Exactly.

    • Queensryche cover band toddryche on metal show tonight…….im gonna watch and see if rockenfield slips up and gives more hints to neue regel theory being on track with the truth. Ill report back here w/updates! YOU TWO ARE GONNA BE FAMOUS! When I solve the Queensryche breakup mystery! …lol……..don’t try to steal my theory I know you two are like parrots! …..

      • Ok that metal show Queensryche cover band is over Rockenfield looked a lil shaky nervous and I think he p*ssed his pants when the Geoff Tate video got played during the show!…..anyway Scott talked on the show about a meeting the band had just prior to tthe show in Brazil but Scott did not mention the firing of Geoff Tates wife which did happen and Geoff did blow up and lose his cool before, during and after the show on video for all to see, Neue Regel believes Geoff Tate was setup ……

        Why wasn’t the meeting and the firing of Geoff Tates wife as band manager done after the show or the next day? ……because there would have not been a video of Geoff Tate in a rage spitting on Scott Rockenfield during the show….Geoff Tate was betrayed and setup by Rockenfield, Wilton and Jackson. Nice job hope your proud of yourselves your plan worked…….Geoff Tate carried these clowns for years. One day karma will show up if im correct on my theory of how the end game was played. Toddryche sucks donkey b*lls. JMO

    • Its kinda like when Halford left Judas Priest……………sucks!

      Todd should have been a comedian, on the metal show he made the claim that the release his cover band just put out would stand the test of time and hold up the way Operation Mindcrime and Empire has…that’s funny!….”no Todd it wont, Operation Mindcrime and Empire material doesn’t either when you cover them really”….”serious”

      Todd just is not rock star caliber talent….watch his performance he wanders around throwing his head forward and points with no rhythm or groove to his step hunched lil steps ……the guy has no presence ……he has to be able to sell the lyrics.

      Its a f**king mess is what it is the whole split. Who knows what happened and who cares . Im retired from digesting any of this till November. Neue Regel over and out!…..Speak the Word!

      • Well when Halford left Priest and Dickinson left Maidern still didn’t make them coverbands when Ripper and Blaze sang with them and neither are Queensryche with Todd.
        When it comes to Todd, I haven’t seen one single performance on YouTube when he doesn’t deliver – quite the opposite, although I have seen quite a few with Geoff Tate and his soloband where he is a shadow of his former self, both vocally and as a performer.
        But what’s most pathetic in a ll of this, is that you only see this from one side – you have never even given Toddryche a chance as you made up your mind from the start. So thank God that you’re over and out. Finally!

      • Mastermind “I tell you what to think”, “I tell you what to feel”, “I tell you what is real”

      • Whatever you say “Mastermind”! …….check lyrics for Megadeth “Mastermind” perfect and fitting nickname for you bro!……….”tell me how to feel Mastermind” ,”tell me how I should think” , “tell me what is real Mastermind”………….”tell me how I made the decision on Toddryche before it was released” “tell me Mastermind”!

      • I haven’t tried to tell you fuck-O. But you did piss all over the Todd version of QR from the start and that was long before they released the album. The same with their gigs, you bashed every little thing about the band – not one little positive thing. It wasn’t that hard to guess that you would totally slag the album.
        Next time, try to listen to an album, no matter which album or who are in the band, with an open mind. If you are able to.

      • Piss? I didn’t give Toddryche a listen? WOW! …….”ground control to major jon” “your circuits dead, there’s something wrong” “can you hear me major Jon” “can you hear me”?……..

      • Can you read? I wrote that you totally bashed the Todd fronted Ryche long before the album was out. I never said you never gave Toddryche a listen. Big diffrence. But the fact still remains, you have been bashing the Todd version of the band since you started writing here.
        And btw, no I can’t hear you, but I can see all the nonsense you’re writing. Unfortunatley.

      • I see you like quoting lyrics. Hey, I can cut & paste too, so here’s a classic you might remember from 1986:

        “You think you know it, you think you know it all
        But you don’t even have a clue,
        And control is still in view, for a fool like you,
        That’s true.

        Is there a reason for the way that you are,
        Or does it just come naturally,
        To have an idiosyncrasy and be a fool like you,
        That’s true.

        You’re hearing what you want to hear,
        Misunderstanding all you see,
        An attitude in all of us,
        Is it really you and me.”

  32. Even Neil Peart has played to click tracks.


    It’s not shameful 🙂 It’s part of the Queensryche live show which involved a synchronized light show.

    Here’s why Tate doesn’t use click tracks anymore, the REAL reason: Because he doesn’t own the samples anymore. Queensryche do. Scotty created them. Tate would have to have Randy Gane rebuild them, from scratch. Listen to Tateryche playing Silent Lucidity live. You can tell it’s not the original orchestra samples. Randy Gane doesn’t have them.

  33. Informational! Thanks for the notes! Funny how that worked out, everybody had to have a piece of security …leverage. Nothing wrong with click tracks Queensryche always had the badass live performance, if you read prior posts it’ll tell you why I mentioned click tracks…thanks again on notes.

  34. Personally I have not seen the band live since closing night of the Promised Land tour 1995…a damn shame. It’s an interesting time period we live in, that we have the ability to watch a band play live from our computers, from around the world. Years ago, when I was growing up reading Hit Parader magazine, and too young to go to the big shows in Toronto, I had to take people’s word for it. When Kiss came around in 1987 with Ted Nugent opening, I had to take people’s word for it that Nugent sucked. I was hoping it wasn’t true.

    • Well, I have seen them. The last time before their gig att Sweden Rock 2011, I think was when they were about to release Tribe, also at at Sweden Rock (2006) and they opened the set with Open, the only killer track on Tribe. The gig was ok, even though the band didn’t seem to be on fire and Geoff couldn’t hit the notes of old anymore. I think it was a good gig, but I had seen them better. But in 2011, things had gone real bad. You can read my review of the gig here if you want:


      • The whole Tribe period is one I was initially excited for, with the return of DeGarmo. Then it was, “Will he or won’t he come back?” Then it was, “He’s not coming back, he’s just co-writing and appearing on half a dozen tracks.”

        Then the album came out and I could not get into it, at all. It was the first Queensryche album since I got into the band that I didn’t buy immediately. I seem to remember liking Desert Dance.

      • Yeah, well, Tribe was a weak album. I remember when I heard Open at Sweden Rock, I was in heaven, I really thought they were going back to the true QR sound. Boy, was I disappointed when that album finally came out. And I don’t think QR has recovered from that blow. I am one of those who actually like Hear In The Now Frontier, at least a big part of it and I think after that QR never recorded a truly great record. Until now, that is. But on the other hand, they have never created anything as useless as Dedicated To Chaos, not before or after. Freq. Unknown is a masterpiece compared to that album.

      • We went yearly to the Queensryche shows there was never a decline in the quality of the music or the set in terms of song selection I thought personally Ryche always had the correct songs in play especially on American Soldier tour because they did alot off Rage, opened w/Neue Regel at all shows in America. Some years they played Tampa twice.

        What happened to Queensryche? They toured too much in order to create revenue and the new releases suffered but there was always a few killer or near killer on these releases. The industry has changed the window to make money is tiny. There is some real good new albums out RITE NOW but with the lack of revenue in multiple new songs combined on albums and nine or ten or more songs stolen all at once will there even be albums in future. The industry hasn’t figured out how to make money in the digital era.

        I believe all bands have bad days performing from time to time and picking an playing the wrong songs sucks but I know Queensryche would base there list of songs on what type of band there opening in front of.

      • Example, we saw Queensryche in Clearwater fl on the American Soldier tour and I could see they were chasing the sound till the end of the show pretty much GT discreetly giving signals to sound board operator and I could see all members were lil frustrated throughout and there cloths were not as neat and clean as usual but the show was still very decent and I remember viewing there schedule of prior shows they played Myrtle beach S. Carolina the night before, decent but not great so I wondered? ….Two nights later they kicked serious a** in Orlando House of Blues Disney show everything perfect neat and sound was killer Kelly Gray walking around stage pointing some kind of sound gun at all points of the stage………..Queensryche toured alot.

  35. Aaahhh yea “Open” badass song, best by far on Tribe clearly Queensryche, personally I like Tribe, saw Queensryche in down town Tampa just before Tribe released (2002 I think), one of M Stones first gigs at guitar for the Ryche and first show for Queensryche in Tampa area in some time. Dream Theater opened and I left the theater thinking Queensryche were one of the tightest bands I had ever seen.

  36. Weight of the World on Geoff Tate’s Queensryche new release Frequency Unknown easily kicks the shit out of anything on Toddryche’s new release ! JMO….had to say it!

    I can’t imagine why Queensryche aren’t closing there Operation Mindcrime shows with it. The song rips. Spectators at these shows would never forget it if the song was pulled off perfect.

    Geoff Tate wins with or without the Queensryche name.

    • Both Cold and Weight Of The World are really good songs, I agree on that. Still, every song on Toddryche’s album are way better than both of them.

      Toddryche beats Tateryche 24/7. Had to say it.

  37. Ultimately everybody wins with music from both camps for all tastes looks like and id imagine the competition wont stop here. Cheers!

    Talked tonight w/dude who along with his wife went on a cruise for monsters of rock starring Toddryche and he said he’s talked w/Todd several times and the cruise shows kicked and Todd sounds alot like Geoff Tate. I said to him “he’s a good one to sound like”! All seriousness though, I’m waiting for the reunion tour with GT and Degarmo….it’ll happen IMO!

  38. I personally haven’t ruled out completely that the split of Queensryche could be THE biggest “STING” in the history of rock & roll…..or entertainment. Id say “f**king brilliant”

    We will never know for sure.

    The reunion will happen.

  39. Wow, I was going to comment on this, but after seeing that Troll invasion, I think I’ll just keep quiet.

    Y’know what’s good though, the bit where he sings “If you could, you’d nail me to the wall” in ‘Running Backwards.’ Its a nice delivery.

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