Dynazty band photo

DYNAZTY – Knock You Down

Dynazty - Knock You Down Dynazty was formed back in 2007 by five young guys from Stockholm, Sweden. Nils Molin, vocals, Rob Love Magnusson and John Berg on guitars, Joel Fox Apelgren and George Egg took their demo to Polar Studios and producer Chris Laney and the result finally landed them a deal with American label Perris Records who released their debut album, Bring The Thunder, an album full of melodic hard rock that sometimes borders to metal with influences from such acts as Skid Row, Whitesnake and Ratt. Although their music was hardly original at all, the album contained a whole lot of great and edgy hard rock tunes. For the second album, the guys, minus Berg, who left the band, landed themselves a deal with StormVox, a record label formed by Swedish actor Peter Stormare, a label that has a much wider distribution net than Perris. Stormare also made sure that the boys could appear as an intermission act in the Swedish Song Contest, performing their own version of last year’s winner song ”This Is My Life”.

Dynazty made a killer version of a orginally boring song and the song became a minor hit, but what more it turned them from an unknown band to a name all of Sweden knew about overnight. The song is, of course, included on their new album and their new album is great one. Musically, nothing has changed in style since the first album, the change here lies in the approach. It just sounds more professional and international and the material is chosen more carefully here and with that they have done a great job, because on this CD, you won’t find any fillers. The album was produced by Michael Vail Blum, but the mixing, backing vocals and some additional playing were done by Chris Laney and the way that this album is sounding makes you wonder if Laney didn’t have, at least, something to do with the production as well. ”New Sensation”, ”Hunger For Love” and ”Get It On” are all groovy rockers, catchy yet heavy, the title track hits you in the gut right away, really bad ass, ”Mr Money” and ”Brand New Day” are both brilliant rock songs and ”Throne Of China” may just be best of all with a chorus that kills. ”This Is My Life” really should have become a hit, but for some reason radio never really picked up on it.

This is a great album and the band has developed a lot since the last album. However, these guys are not Bon Jovi with big pop hits and therefore one might have to let this CD grow a bit. When the album gets you in its grip it will last for a long time. If the guys plays their cards right, stardom just might wait around the corner, give it one more album or so. Meanwhile, it feels great to state that good old hard rock still finds its way into young kids hearts and when bands like Dynazty keeps on delivering the goods like this, you can rest assured that this kinds of music will never grow out of fashion.


1. Sleeping With the Enemy
2. New Sensation
3. The Devil s Playground
4. Hunger for Love
5. Get It On
6. Knock You Down
7. Mr. Money
8. Wild Nights
9. Brand New Day
10. Throne of China
11. The Great Delusion

Bonus Tracks:
12. This Is My Life
13. A Girl Like You

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