BAI BANG – Livin’ My Dream

Bai Bang - Livin My DreamSome bands just don’t know when to quit!

Swedish popmetal veterans Bai Bang are one of those bands. This band has been going on for some 30 years now and not be mean, but nobody ever gave a rats ass about them and there’s a perfectly good explanation for that – They suck. Bad!

I have seen live clips on them on YouTube and it’s hard to believe that musicians that have played music for all their lives manage to sound so un-tight. It might as well have been a band of 12 year olds who did their first ever gig, Sad but true.

And then there’s the songs. I’m not sure if the songs are that bad themselves or if this lot just makes them bad. I mean, they don’t write the bulk of their songs themselves, after all and if another band had recorded them they might have been good, or at least better. ”We’re United” is an awful opener that sounds rushed, the title track, however is actually a really good track with a great chorus that gets slaughtered by a really bad performance and ”Come On” could have been a good song, had not the chorus been a rip off of Wig Wam’s ”In My Dreams” and the verses of Bon Jovi’s ”You Give Love A Bad Name”. And they don’t perform well either. How pathetic!

”Rock On” is just a ridiculous cliché about their loyal audience. Really? They do have one? The melody is pretty catchy, though. ”Tonight” and ”Put On Her Dress” are melodic rock at its worst, both musically and lyrically. How can one even think about recording crap like this without blushing with shame throughout the recording? However, everything on here isn’t wretched. ”Gonna Have It All” is a pretty good Def Leppard influenced ballad and ”Die For You” is a great song, catchy as hell and the best song on the album. But one can’t help to wonder, would that song stand on its own on a great album? I guess we’ll never know.

This is a very poor album, the musicians don’t cut it, the production is awful and the performances lack just about everything. If this band makes it big anytime soon, I will eat my used underwear. So there you go.

Jon Wilmenius (1/10)


1. We’re United
2. Livin’ My Dream
3. Come On
4. Rock On
5. Stay
6. Gonna Have It All
7. Tonight
8. Rock It
9. Die For You
10. Put On Her Dress

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