H.E.A.T. – Address The Nation

HEAT - Address The NationOk. I might as well admit it. I was never a huge HEAT fan. I’m a big fan of both melodic rock and AOR (and shitloads more), but even though I never though HEAT was a bad band, there was always something missing. I can’t put my finger on it, because they had good songs, but they just never stuck.

When their frontman and singer Kenny Leckremo left the band I thought that HEAT was a goner and when they introduced former Swedish Idol winner Erik Grönwall as their new frontman I really thought they were dead meat. Not that Erik is a bad singer, quite the contrary, he’s a brilliant singer. But in the public (hard rock and metal) eye, an Idol contender isn’t looked upon mildly. Me personally, I thought it was interesting and I actually looked forward to hear if they might would come up with something interesting.

Lo and behold, the reactions weren’t as a bad as suspected. I mean, HEAT has already had to take a lot of shit just for being an AOR band and except for some stupid comments on certain forums, it actually looked like Grönwall was accepted without any harrasments. When the CD was finally released, it only took one spin to realise that that boys had a killer on their hands. Still an AOR band, this time the guitars are a bit higher in the mix which suits them fine and Grönwall’s voice sounds even stronger than it did when he was in Idol. And yes, he fits in perfectly, both vocally and visually!  Tobias Lindell’s (Europe, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch) production is, as always, world class, clean and sharp.

Opener ”Breaking The Silence” really has to be a single at one point because it’s a hit. A bit rockier than what we’re used to, but with a huge hook and a chorus that will never leave your brain, first single ”Living On The Run” is just great, very catchy and with lots of hit potential, which is also the case for ”The One And Only”, a power ballad with gospel undertones – Awesome!  ”Need Her” is AOR at its best, ”It’s All About Tonight” is a groovy rocker that stands out a bit. Sounds like a mix between the 70’s and the 80’s, ”Heartbreaker” is catchy melodic hard rock, and yes it just might be a hit as well. This is easily HEATs best album so far, a bit more rough and edgy than their previous albums which suits them so well. If melodic rock and AOR is your thing, I can’t think of one reason not to buy this album. It really is that good.

Jon Wilmenius (9/10)

01. Breaking The Silence
02. Living On The Run
03. Falling Down
04. The One And Only
05. Better Off Alone
06. In And Out Of Trouble
07. Need Her
08. Heartbreaker
09. It’s All About Tonight
10. Downtown


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