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EVERGREY – Glorious Collision

Evergrey - Glorious CollisionI first made acquaintance with Evergrey when they released their album Recreation Day back in 2003 and their minor hit single, a cover of Swedish pop singer Dilba’s song ”I’m Sorry”. A brilliant choice, I must say. Since then I’ve been really into the band, even though I think that every album after that hasn’t been up to match. No album has been bad, but they never matched Recreation Day’s high standard. All that changed with 2008’s Torn, a great album that should have gotten a lot more recognition. And then the band fell apart. Well, pieces of the band anyway. Guitarist Henrik Danhage, bass player Jari Kainulainen and drummer Jonas Ekdahl all left the band and were replaced by Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt) on guitar, Johan Niemann (Therion) on bass and drummer Hannes Van Dahl. A bit of a blow out since both Danhage and Ekdahl were, together with lead singer / guitar player Tom S Englund, the main song writers of the band. So one couldn’t help but wonder how the new line up would sound. Answer: better than ever.

Even though I’m not that familiar with the band’s first three albums, I must say that the guys have made the best album of their career, so far. Where the band’s Metal were always on the more dark and depressive side, on this CD a ray of light has made its way through in their music. But no fear, this isn’t (and I’m sure they will never be) no happy-go-lucky music. It’s still dark, heavy, aggressive, yet melodic Metal, but a bit more positive than before. And song wise there are many highlights here. ”Leave It Behind Us” is a great opener and actually a bit catchy, first single ”Wrong” is great and a good choice for a single, ”Frozen” might even be a better choice with its great chorus that sticks like glue to your brain after one listen, ”The Phantom Letters” is a heavy, dark and beautiful ballad that makes every hair on my body stand up and ”…And The Distance” is a half ballad that brings both darkness and catchiness – Brilliant! As usual, an Evergrey album isn’t a ”don’t bore us, get to the chrous” kind of thing, it needs a couple of spins to stick, but when it does it really do stick. This album might catch up on you a bit sooner than usual. It’s a bit catchier than we’re used to, but that’s only a good thing. Seems to me that with the new members, the band has been given a fresh start and the the album sounds alive and kicking. I really hope that the guys will stay on the path they’re on now, because it’s time for the world to discover Evergrey. Now!

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)

1. Leave It Behind Us
2. You
3. Wrong
4. Frozen
5. Restoring the Loss
6. To Fit the Mold
7. Out of Reach
8. The Phantom Letters
9. The Disease
10. It Comes From Within
11. Free
12. I’m Drowning Alone
13. …And the Distance

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