Corroded - Vasby Rock Festival 2013


I can might as well admit it right away that I don’t know much about Corroded at all. Which is weird in more than one way! They have  released three records and are now one of the biggest bands in Sweden since their start in 2009, they are frequently aired on one of Sweden’s biggest rock stations Bandit Rock and maybe most of all, I used to play ice hockey with drummer Per Soläng. So why haven’t I checked them out properly, one might ask. Beats the hell out of me, is the answer! But from the songs I have heard, Corroded are a heavy band. Really heavy. I can hear traces of Mustasch in their music, sometimes more, sometimes less, judged, of course, by the few songs I have heard. I’m not gonna say that the songs I’ve heard are bad, they just haven’t stuck with me and their sound is a bit too modern metal for my taste. I guess I just answered the “why haven’t I checked them out” question right there.

But when on the scene, there was no reason at all not to check the band out. Fatal Smile’s give away booze had started to kick in on yours truly when Corroded hit the stage, so I was in a party mood and the band took me up on that. Either I have missed something in their music before or Corroded is an act that should be experienced live, because they kicked butt right from the first song to the last. To name drop any song titles here is impossible as I don’t know their songs, but it’s really secondary, at least for me. What I can say though, is that all the touring has made the band good. They are a really tight unit with a groove that makes it impossible to stand still to. They did also have the benefit of darkness to produce a good looking show and they probably had the biggest crowd of all bands tonight, except for maybe U.D.O. After I have seen them live for the first time, I kind of want to smack myself a bit for not giving them a fair shot. Maybe the singles that are played on the radio are just that – singles, and that’s why the have this modern touch, a touch I didn’t hear much of this night. No, what I heard was metal – metal with a powerful groove. I must say Corroded provided for a really good time. I guess there’s no turning back now – I really need to check them out properly…


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