Mitch Malloy


Mitch Malloy 2I wonder if anybody outside the AOR community has the faintest idea of who Mitch Malloy is. The guy had a minor hit with a song called ”Anything At All” in the early 90’s, taken from his debut self titled album. When that album came out, he was hailed as the great, new hope for melodic rock, but after that album, he changed his ways and started to write boring pop music that no one was interested in and he more or less disappeared after a bunch of half assed follow ups. I guess you could understand his action sass the 90’s weren’t the best of times for melodic hard rock or AOR and people wouldn’t have been caught dead with an AOR album spinning in the background.

However, in the year of 2011, this kind of music has become popular again and is seen with totally different eyes by the public. So naturally, this is the time for an artist like Mitch Malloy to make a come back. Or as he explains himself, ”the true follow up to my debut, hence the title…”!

Listening to the album, it sure is, not only musically but the guy even looks the same after 20 something years!

The album opens with ”I’m The One” and this is more or less a continuation of ”Anytime At All”. Normally, I have a problem with rewrites, but the fact is, this song is great and it really sets the standard for the sound of the album. ”Falling To Pieces” is just brilliant, a hit to be and catchy as hell and the same goes for ”Let Love Win”, a great pop / rock song. ”Love Song” is another catchy thing, although its verses are stronger than the chorus.

No AOR album is complete if there aren’t any ballads on it and on this CD there are a bunch. In fact, that’s the only remark I have on this one, it’s too mellow at times, but sure enough there are some great softies on here. ”Carry On” is really heartfelt and soulful, ”Take It All” is a power ballad just like we love ’em and ”All My Friends” is a brilliant half ballad that closes the album in a great way.

Malloy has, with this album made a killer come back. If you are into this kind of music and / or if you were a fan of his debut, you will love this one as well. In fact, there is not much more to think about than getting a copy of it.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)

01. I’m The One
02. Falling To Pieces
03. I’ll Love You Still
04. Carry On
05. Love Song
06. On And On
07. I Don’t Know How
08. Take It All
09. What I Miss
10. As Long As I’m With You
11. Let Love Win
12. All My Friends


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