BURN HALO – Up From The Ashes

Burn Halo - Up from the AshesBurn Halo. How cool is that name?  The first time I saw that name in print, I decided that with a name like that, you can’t go wrong. Said and done, I found myself with a copy of their new CD to see if their music would stand up to the promise of their name. And I’m glad to say it did. It actually holds up very well to the standard of many of the new, great hard rock bands that are out there today. The band hails from Orange County, CA and started out in 2007 as a metal-core band, but since their self titled debut back in 2009 dropped the metal-core and focused their music on a mix between modern metal bands and sleazy stuff like, say, Buckcherry or such. And of course, they have a couple of those more radio friendly pieces, in the vein of Nickelback or Hinder, only with a bit more metal to it.

This is an album that works just as well at the party as for the angry headbanger who needs it hard and heavy. ”Tear It Down” is a thrashy piece, not a far cry from the stuff we get from Avenged Sevenfold and similar bands, the title track is heavy, sleazy and hard rocking and ”Stranded” must be the hit of the CD. It rocks pretty hard even though catchy enough for airplay. Then of course there’s the mandatory ballad. On this album it’s called ”Threw It All Away” and it is a great one. That one wouldn’t be misplaced at commercial radio at all. ”Stuck In A Rut” is one of those brilliant heavy pop pieces that you hear once and then it just won’t leave your head. Ever. And if big, fat metal tracks are your thing, you get ”Dakota”, like a punch in the gut.

The album is well produced, the band performs great and they have one of those whisky voiced, killer vocalist with a big range. And better yet, there are no bad songs on here. My guess is that we’re gonna hear a lot more from these guys in the future. Did I say their name is really hard?

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


1. Tear it Down
2. Up From the Ashes
3. Stranded
4. Threw it all Away
5. Alone
6. Stuck in a Rut
7. Give Me a Sign
8. Dakota
9. Rest My Soul
10. I Won’t Back Down
11. Shine

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