JEFF SCOTT SOTO – Damage Control

Jeff Scott Soto - Damage ControlJeff Scott Soto’s career has been a schizophrenic roller coaster up until now. You thought you knew what the guy was all about when he started out as Yngwie Malmsteen’s lead singer and when his main focus was Talisman and his Eyes project. But after that, his solo career has been about funk and pop one day and then the next he’s all about melodic rock, then he had a metal project with Neal Schon, Soul SirkUs, then he was the new singer for Journey, then he was outed from that band in not so gentle way. That’s why it’s nice that with his new album has gone back to doing what he does best, namely AOR / Melodic Rock!

With a little help from friends like Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Jamie Borger (Treat) and Joel Hoeckstra (Night Ranger), Soto sounds more focused and fresh than in many a year, and this time he doesn’t shy away from the influences that we all suspected lies the closest to his heart. The melody and the brilliant songwriting here makes this album impossible to resist, if you’re into this kind of music. He still has one of the best voices in rock.

”Give A Little More” could be a lost Talisman song, the title track is guitar driven, heavy AOR, ”Look Inside Your Heart” is ridiculously catchy, ”Never Let Her Go” is just brilliant with its early 80’s AOR sound and ”Bonfide” is a magnificent ballad that could make the most narrow minded metal head pick up the lighter. ”How To Love Again” is pure AOR and has a bit of Last Autumn’s Dream to it, ”Afterworld” is a great party rocker, kind of like a heavier Talisman and ”Never Ending War” is on the more serious side, melancholic and dark, but still melodic rock. Very good!

This is the best solo album Soto has made by far. The production is clear and in your face and with catchy tunes and Soto’s killer voice, this
album should sell by the load. Hopefully, he will continue this ride in the future as well.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)

Track list:

1. Give A Little More
2. Damage Control
3. Look Inside Your Heart
4. Die A Little
5. Take U Down*
6. If I Never Let Her Go
7. Tears That I Cry
8. BonaFide
9. Elena*
10. Krazy World
11. How To Love Again
12. AfterWorld
13. NeverEnding War

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