WIG WAM – Wall Street

Wig Wam - Wall StreetOne of the most misunderstood rock bands in many a year has to be Wig Wam. When these Norwegians won the Norwegian Song Contest a few years back with ”In My Dreams”, together with their all glam image and somewhat corny names, they were instantly seen as some kind of joke and were pigeonholed right up there with bands like Poison and such. But that’s not case at all, which you’ll notice if you take your time and listen to their albums.

Their music is melodic rock, sometimes on the border of AOR, but the musicianship are always faultless and they are now into their fourth album full of great songs. But the fact is, a too glammed out image tends to scare people away and the bands in that genre are often looked on as non serious, mostly by people who are too damn cool for their own good. But it’s their loss, because what they are missing out on are shit loads of great music. And on this album the hits are on parade. The opening title track is brilliant, so catchy it hurts, ”OMG (I Wish I Had A Gun)” is a a bit heavier than usual, but the chorus is pure melodic rock heaven, ”The Bigger The Better” swings with catchiness, ”Wrong Can Feel So Right” is a brilliant pop song, ”Natural High” has got the chorus from hell, ”One Million Enemies” is a catchy hard rock/pop groover and ”Try My Body On” grooves like hell and should be a real live killer.

The only song on here that doesn’t cut it is the boring as could be ballad ”Tides Will Turn”. I give it the big yawn. And another cool thing is that the whole album has got a theme. The subject is money and how material the world has gone, a pretty unusual subject for a rock band. There’s not much more to say about it than when their last album Non Stop Rock n’ Roll was a bit uneven, this one is great and proves that Wig Wam are one
of the most entertaining and fun hard rock bands around that moves in the melodic / AOR area. Pop metal at its best.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


01. Wall Street
02. OMG! (I Wish I Had A Gun)
03. Victory Is Sweet
04. The Bigger The Better
05. Bleeding Daylight
06. Tides Will Turn
07. Wrong Can Feel So Right
08. One Million Enemies
09. Try My Body On
10. Natural High
11. Things Money Can’t Buy


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