Robin Beck

ROBIN BECK – The Great Escape

Robin Beck - The Great EscapeAnyone remember Robin Beck? The Coke (in a bottle, not on a mirror) commercial? ”First Time”? Well, you should, because this woman is one of the best female vocalists in rock. Right up there with the likes of Ann Wilson (Heart). But forget about ”First Time”. That song was a huge hit, but she has many songs that kicks that one in its arse. She has also released one of the most classic albums in AOR, the brilliant Trouble Or Nothing. That one came out in 1989 and she actually re-recorded it 25 years later. Unnecessary, you might think, but I think that with her being back on AOR track, that album needs another shot. Because after Trouble Or Nothing, Beck turned her back on Rock and released a couple of unfocused and quite frankly, boring pop albums. But in 2005 she decided that enough was enough and jumped back into AOR / Rock with Do You Miss Me, a good enough, but far from perfect Melodic Rock album. If her being back in Rock has anything to do with her marriage to House Of Lords frontman James Christian, I don’t know, but fact is he’s been involved in her latest releases, just like she’s been somewhat involved in House Of Lords.

Anyway, Livin’  On A Dream followed and that was a big step forward. That album brought her closer to the sound of Trouble Or Nothing and now she’s back with another piece of great, catchy and well produced AOR. This album is full of catchy choruses and big hooks that it only takes one listen and you’ll be hooked, if this kind of music is your thing. ”The One” is a great AOR killer, ”That All Depends”, a duet with Joe Lynn Turner, is a real smash –  lead singer Heaven! ”Baby I’m Not A Bitch” is a great half ballad that should be a hit, ”Don’t Think He’s Ever Comin’ Home” shows us how you do a power ballad for real and ”Til The End Of Time”, although a bit too cheesy, is a very good pop song where she duets with hubby James Christian. The only thing I’m missing here is one song. Earlier this year Beck sang a song on the new Phenomena album, ”I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight”, that would have been perfect on here and in my book, it should have been included. But maybe that has something to with copyrights or something. It’s really clear with this killer album that Beck is back where she belongs. This is her best effort since her debut and if you were a fan of that album, you could buy this CD unheard. Well done!

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


1. The One
2. Got Me Feeling Sexy
3. Inside Of Me
4. That All Depends (on What You Do Tonight)
5. Baby I’m Not A Bitch
6. Everything Is Alright
7. The Great Escape
8. Don’t Think He’s Ever Comin’ Home
9. Cross My Heart
10. All The Rivers
11. Till The End Of Time

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