Last Autumns Dream band photo


Last Autumn's Dream - YesLast Autumn’s Dream is a Swedish band / project formed by magnificent singer Mikael Erlandsson (who was also featured on a couple of tracks on the latest Phenomena record) with veterans such as Nalley Påhlsson (Treat, Therion, Chris Laney and lots and lots more) on bass, Jamie Borger (Treat, Talisman) on drums and German guitar player Andy Malecek (Fair Warning). Former members includes Europe boys Ian Haugland, John Leven and Mic Michaeli and Talisman’s Marcel Jacob (RIP). Their First album came out in 2003 and they are now into their 8th studio album with Yes. The music here is pure AOR and if that is not your case of beer, then you can might as well stop reading here, but for those of you who are, then this album is for you, because this is AOR heaven. Where the rest of their discography has always been good, although a bit uneven at times, this CD must be a LAD milestone.

There is absolutely nothing bad that could be said about this album other than maybe songs like ”If I Could Change The World” is a bit too cheesy for comfort. The album is very well produced with a clean and airy sound that brings out all the instruments and gives life to the songs. Opener ”I’ve Fallen Into You” has a chorus to die for even though there’s a little too much Bon Jovi in the verses, ”Fool’s Game”, a cover of the old Michael Bolton song is brilliant. It was a great song to begin with and LAD does it justice. They could very well have a hit on their hands here. The same with ”To Be With You” – what a hit, it’s just brilliant and ”Kissin’ Goodbye My Tears” is melodic heaven. And if ”If I Could Change The World” is the only set back here, the other ballad ”Alive” is the opposite. What a ballad! Just beautiful. To describe this album in one word: Quality! This is how you make a killer AOR album. This isn’t coming off my iPod anytime soon. Well done, boys.

Jon Wilmenius (9/10)

Tracklist :

1. I’ve Fallen Into You
2. The Sound Of A Heartbreak
3. Another Night
4. Fool’s Game
5. If I Could Change The World
6. To Be With You
7. Michelle Don’t Live Here No More
8. In This Thing Too Deep
9. Still Standin’ Where Ya Left Me
10. Kissin’ Goodbye My Tears
11. Survivor
12. I Forgive You (Japan bonus track)
13. Alive

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