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HURTSMILE – Hurtsmile

Hurtsmile - albumThis project / band is the brainchild of Extreme lead singer Gary Cherone and his guitar playing brother Mark. However, if this is just a side project for Gary while Extreme isn’t doing anything or a full-time band remains to be seen. Me, I hope for the latter, because this album just isn’t that good and couldn’t hold a candle to Extreme. Ok, so it’s just a matter of taste, but I would be very surprised if this album goes anywhere. Because musically, it isn’t.

Opening song ”Just War Theory” sets the standard for the album. Standard hard rock with a twist that, probably in the guys’ minds, will give them their own sound. It doesn’t. ”Kaffur (Infidel)” is a pretty good song, though. Sounds like Extreme, so go figure. Mediocre song after mediocre song follows before they gives us ”Just War (Reprise)”, you guessed it, another version of the opening track, this time in a reggae version. Isn’t that swell? Well, no, it isn’t. The album ends with ”The Murder Of David Faulkner (4699)” and this one is beyond mediocre. It’s pathetic. They have nicked John Lennon’s old hit ”Working Class Hero” here and that can’t be subconsciously. It actually sounds like they have tried to rewrite that song. Hope they give him (Lennon, that is) a credit. Not much more to say about this. A bad album, although not crap. I sure wouldn’t put my hard earned cash on this CD.

Jon Wilmenius (4/10)


1. Just War Theory
2. Stillborn
3. Love Thy Neighbor
4. Kaffur (Infidel)
5. Painter Paint
6. Tolerance Song
7. Set Me Free
8. Jesus Would You Meet Me
9. Slave
10. Beyond The Garden/ Kicking Against The Goads
11. Just War Reprise
12. The Murder Of Daniel Faulkner (4699)


One comment on “HURTSMILE – Hurtsmile

  1. Wow! Does Mark ever resemble (younger) Gary. I don’t like the track you posted too much. I already have a couple Sex Pistols albums. I don’t need…Gary Rotten, or however he’s trying to sing. Although the chorus is good enough.

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