H.E.A.T - Vasby Rock Festival 2013


This is the third time I have seen this line-up of H.E.A.T. live. Well, to be precise, one of the guitar players, Dave Dalone, had just left the band so now Eric Rivers does all the guitar work. But I mean with “new” singer Erik Grönwall who replaced Kenny Leckremo back in 2010. The first time was at Sweden Rock last year and the band did a great gig. I had seen them once before, when Kenny fronted the band and I wasn’t all that impressed, to be honest. Good band, good songs, but nothing special at all. Not to diss Leckremo at all, the guy is a great singer, but I rate Grönwall higher. Also, the band had just released Grönwall’s debut, Address The Nation, a melodic rock / AOR killer that totally wiped the floor with all their previous work and that might have had something to do with it!

Next time I saw them, they had Crazy Lixx opening (who did an awesome gig) and this time it was their own show – lights, stage, sound, play time – and they were really bloody great. That meant that this time, H.E.A.T. were no longer underdogs for me and I had some big expectations. Now, H.E.A.T. were playing in the evening so they had the benefit of the dark to make sure they could use all the lights they needed. More people had also showed up during the day so H.E.A.T. had a bigger crowd than the rest of the bands. Also, the sound was really good. Watching H.E.A.T. in 2013 is to watch a world-class act. They both look and sound very professional and all the baby diseases that comes when you’re a new act are gone. Fact is, I think something is very wrong with the world when a class act like H.E.A.T. aren’t huge. Erik Grönwall goes from clarity to clarity every time I see him. Today he has grown a huge amount of self-confidence and he can really work an audience and he really rules the stage. The songs that work best are, of course, the stuff from their latest album Address The Nation like “Breaking The Silence”, “It’s All About Tonight”  and “Living On The Run”, but Grönwall also breathes new life into oldies like “Beg Beg Beg” and “1000 Miles”. But it’s not just Grönwall who makes H.E.A.T. a functioning unit, the other guys are also brilliant musicians that play with a big groove as well. One of the best gigs at this festival, no doubt. H.E.A.T.’s major breakthrough must be waiting around the corner now – a band this good can’t go on unnoticed much longer. If the guys manage to record another killer album, then the world must wake up. If you haven’t checked them out by now, then do so. A brilliant band, both on record and live.


To read the review for H.E.A.T.’s latest album Address The Nation – click here >>>

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