BACKDRAFT – This Heaven Goes To Eleven

Backdraft - This Goes to ElevenI doubt that anyone outside of Sweden has ever heard of this Swedish outfit. In fact, they’re not even celebrities in Sweden. But what they do is play raunchy, hard rock ’n’ roll with a Southern twist, but without the hillbilly sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the likes.  Southern Rock was never my favourite, but I still I embrace the music of bands like Black Stone Cherry or Blackberry Smoke who certainly have those influences and Backdraft belongs in that category too. This band has been playing for some 10 years or so now and is with this new CD into their fourth album. The guys have an ability to write really catchy songs, but no matter how great their records are, it’s in a live environment where they comes alive best.

This album, as opposite to their other albums, is a bit harder to get into. I really don’t know why, but it feels like the songs aren’t as direct as their previous stuff. However, this is a grower and after a few good spins, this album just won’t let go. ”Idiot” is total action from the start and a great opener, ”Yesterdays And Tomorrows” is a great, groovy rocker and ”E.C.G.T Blues” (Even Cowboys Get The Blues) is bluesy, but still with a groove –  a great song, but the lyric ”like a king who lost his crown” is a big no-no. Come on, guys, cliché of the clichés. How many bands have used that line over the years? ”Wheel Of Fortune” is a slow piece that goes nowhere, I’m afraid. Too dull, but that song is the only set back here. ”No Love” is great, rocking with a groovy swing and ”The King Of Diesel” is a just a plain rocker, a great song and maybe the best one here. This is very good album and if down to the bone hard rock ’n’ roll is your thing, this is worth checking out. And it works even better with a couple of beers.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


1. Idiot
2. Yesterdays & Tomorrows
3. E.C.G.T Blues
4. Stand
5. No Love
6. Wheel Of No Fortune
7. On The Flipside
8. The King Of Diesel
9. Out Of Here

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