CHRIS OUSEY – Rhyme And Reason

Chris Ousey - Rhyme And ReasonOk, just a couple of questions. How many out there knows who Chris Ousey is? Yes, a few might know that this guy used to be the singer in bands like Virginia Wolf and Heartland. Not exactly platinum acts, right? So, who is actually gonna buy a solo album from this guy? Well, if you are into strong AOR minus the cheese and a killer voice, then You should.

Myself, I more or less stumbled over this album, but boy am I glad I did, because this is a great album. The big production, the catchy choruses, the extremely well practiced performances are all there and of course, all the memorable tunes!

”Mother Of Invention” is heavy and groovy with a brilliant hook, ”Motivation” is a pretty raunchy AOR song, not a far cry from how Unruly Child sounds and ”A Chemical High” is just a beast, heavy AOR and catchy as hell. And this goes on for most of the record. But of course there are fillers as well, like ”The Reason Why” which sounds a bit like his old band Virginia Wolf and although I really liked that band, this just doesn’t cut it. Still, there are no really bad songs on here and the album is a bit heavier than I expected.

Every fan of his old bands will probably love this album. This is how I like my AOR.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


1. Mother of Invention
2. Motivation
3. To Break a Heart
4. Bleeding heart
5. A Chemical high
6. Give me Shelter
7. The Reason Why
8. Any Other day
9. Don’t Wanna Dance
10. Watch this space
11. By any Other name
12. A Natural Law

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