WHISKEYDICK – Welcome To YeeHaw County

WhiskeyDick - Welcome to YeeHaw CountyIt only took one quick peek at their album cover to realise what this band – duo – would be all about. This would most likely be some kind of redneck rock of some kind and to be totally honest with you, rock music based on country isn’t really my swig of whisky. But there was something there that made me really interested in these dudes and for some reason I just had to check it out after I had read the press release that came with the download link. Also, I have been proved wrong so many times that I have decided to just shut the f**k up and just listen when someone hands me a record by a band that I have never heard (of) before. WhiskeyDick are two guys – vocalist and guitarist Fritz and Reverend Johnson on lead and acoustic guitar – from Texas, that really keep things simple – I guess less is more is what they are all about because both in the studio and live, they do things by their book – two chairs, two acoustic guitars and then they sit down and just let it rip. And not just that, just take a look at these guys, you know you’re in for a different experience – two big, tattooed and bearded guys pouring their guts out. I like the attitude a lot, but I have never understood the whole unplugged and singer-songwriter thing with a guy or a band sitting down and playing all their stuff acoustic. The same with acoustic versions of their electric songs as bonus tracks on albums. I ever only listen to these songs once and after that, it’s the skip button for me. But, let’s just see what this is, with an open mind.

“Redemption” opens the album and the song is like an acoustic heavy metal song with some killer harmonica for good measure. I find myself a bit surprised that I really enjoy the song. “Train Robbin’, Gun Totin’, Dope Smokin’, Guitar Pickin’, Mother Fuckin’, Good Time Band”  has the exact same melody as – and I know I risk a big beating for this comment – the Poison song “Strike Up The Band”. I know this is probably just a coincidence, but I just couldn’t hold back on this. For all Poison-haters out there I can reveal that “Strike Up The Band” is from their 1991 album Native Tongue album that featured Richie Kotzen on guitar and I can guarantee that Kotzen is the sole writer for that song, no matter what the credits says. “Breathin’ A New Life” has some heavy, blues riffing and a chorus and a riff that sounds extremely familiar. I just can’t put my finger on which song that has influenced this one. And I’m not really sure if I like it or not. “Help” is a good one, though. It’s like a heavy metal country ballad with a smokin’ electric guitar solo. This is the kind of tune that Zakk Wylde could have written for his Pride & Glory thing. “Drunk As Hell” doesn’t take that much imagination to get. The song is ok, sounds like a heavy metal Johnny Cash fueled with gasoline. “Devil’s Eyes” is really good as well. It’s a ballad in a dark metal way. “Black Tooth Grin” is a hardcore metal tune, done acoustic with a huge country vibe, of course. The song is a big tribute to Dimebag Darrell and Pantera and they name drop every Pantera song known to man (well…).  Finishing track “Fallen Heroes” also needs to be mentioned. It’s a real heartfelt ballad about Dimebag Darrell that feels very genuine.

To give fair review of this album is not easy as I’m not sure about how I feel about it. On one hand, I think it’s really cool the way that these two guys do things, but on the other, I don’t really think most of the songs here are that good. But that WhiskeyDick is the real deal, there’s no doubt about that. This is stripped, raw, aggressive country / metal / rock with shitloads of attitude – all acoustic except for two electric guitar solos and no drums, but the whole thing isn’t varied enough for me and I actually had problems keeping the interest up for the whole album back to back. It’s like Zakk Wylde on a big drunken country trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zakk Wylde as a guitar player, but his Black Label Society are not for me.  Also, lyrically this record leaves a whole lot to be desired. It’s “motherfucking” here and there and here again in every song almost and the whole “we drink and do drugs” bragging gets old really fast. Musically, many of the songs lacks arrangements and most of the time it sounds like the songs hasn’t been written before they were recorded, kinda like the guys just sat down in the studio and started playing. Cool, if you like it like that, but to me it just sound amateurish. For people who agree with me on all this – avoid! But if you disagree and think that I’m full of it – buy this now!

Jon Wilmenius (4/10)


1. Redemption
2. Train Robbin’, Gun Totin’, Dope Smokin’, Guitar Pickin’, Mother Fuckin’, Good Time Band.
3. Yeehaw!
4. Breathin’ A New Life
5. HE!P
6. 18 Wheels Of Hell
7. My Prison State Of Mind
8. Drunk as Hell
9. Devil’s Eyes
10. Murder Love Song
11. Black Tooth Grin
12. Gun Totin’ Rebel Son
13. Fallen Heroes

2 comments on “WHISKEYDICK – Welcome To YeeHaw County

  1. WhiskeyDick’s albums do not give them justice of what they capture live. They are a live band and Reverend Johnson Plays everything on an Acoustic Guitar not an Electric. He is the only person I have seen play an acoustic guitar with that much distortion and shred it like it was an electric. .. This is the only acoustic band I have seen holding there own playing metal festivals and having the crowd scream for an encore. Know-one does what these guys do they sounds like a 5 peice band . They have changed and taken the Acoustic guitar to another level..

    • Awesome! I love these comments that brings something new to the review. Thanks, Rob.
      And I really thought that a couple of solos were electric, so thanks for setting the record straight.

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