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Queensryche 2013 with Todd La TorreI must admit that it feels a bit odd to review two Queensrÿche albums within only three months, but we all know the reason for that by now. The two albums don’t have anything but the name and the fact that they used to be one band in common. The feud between original members,  lead singer Geoff Tate and guitarist Michael Wilton / bass player Eddie Jackson / drummer Scott Rockenfield is known by now and there is no reason to go into that once again!

Geoff Tate was, however, the first man to put something out with his version of the band when he released Frequency Unknown (F.U. in short, very mature…) in April. The album wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really all that great either and it didn’t sound like Queensrÿche one bit – except for Tate’s voice maybe. Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson together with guitarist Parker Lundgren and new singer, ex-Crimson Glory man Todd LaTorre took their time instead of rushing things and started out by going on tour under the Rising West banner, playing old Queensrÿche stuff, the stuff the fans wanted to hear and completely avoiding everything that came out after Promised Land until they all felt comfortable enough to take the Queensrÿche name back. Also, everyone that has heard LaTorre knows that he has a similar vocal style as Tate, without being a clone by any means. And now it’s time for this version to show the world if they can deliver the goods or if they too wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure.

After the instrumental opener “X2”, “Where Dreams Go To Die” let’s us know what Geoff Tate will be up against in the future. It also removes every single doubt that I might have had about this line up. I mean, I have seen the live clips on YouTube and Toddrÿche (which this version is called to explain which version that is being talked about, the other one goes by the name Taterÿche…) both sounds and looks brilliant live. But this song really nails it all. It’s one of the best Queensrÿche songs I have heard since the brilliant Promised Land (1994). A fantastic song that sounds like classic Queensrÿche all the way. Speaking of Promised Land, the following song, the awesome “Spore” wouldn’t have been put to shame on that album, “In This Light” shows a very melodic and a bit catchier Queensrÿche, but the song is damn fine, “Redemption” is great stuff, but the least Queensrÿche sounding song on the album and “A World Without” is just fantastic, mixing the Empire and Promised Land sound in a great way. With “Don’t Look Back” they take a more straight forward hard rock route, without losing the Queensrÿche sound and in the killer “Fallout” Eddie Jackson’s bass playing shines and on this track especially, it’s clear just how important his sound is for this band. With the amazing big, epic semi ballad “Open Road”, the band closes the album in a classic Queensrÿche way.

I’m not sure if the two Rÿches looks at this as some kind of a contest or something like that, but if that is how people choose to see this, then this version won this easily. The fact is, not only are the songs great – there’s not one bad song on the entire album, which proves that the talk of Jackson, Rockenfield and Wilton being useless as song writers holds no truth, but for the first time in ages, they actually SOUND like Queensrÿche again. The rumors that were being spread from the Tate camp that these guys weren’t part of the recordings of the later Queensrÿche albums seems to be true – that’s why albums like American Soldier and Dedicated To Chaos has more in common with Tate’s solo release and his version of Queensrÿche as those albums don’t have the Queensrÿche sound. This album also proves how important all members of this band were – there would be no Queensrÿche without Eddie Jackson’s personal way of playing bass or Scott Rockenfield’s distinct drum sound. And Michael Wilton then – the guy is sound wise as important as Chris DeGarmo was. Also, Todd LaTorre is a stunning singer that fits this band like a glove. Fact is, he can make the high notes that Tate no longer can. However, Tate is much older so it’s a bit unfair to compare them and I won’t say that Tate can’t sing – that would a lie – he sure can. Also, to this version’s advantage, they do not pull any cheap stunts like re-recordning their old material to prove some points, like Tate’s band did. The only point proven there was that they were not even close to make those tunes justice. I’m not sure what the court will look at when they will judge which band are gonna get the rights to the Queensrÿche name, but to me this version is the real Queensrÿche in 2013.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)

Track List:

1. X2
2. Where Dreams Go To Die
3. Don’t Look Back
4. In This Light
5. Redemption
6. Vindication
7. Midnight Lullaby
8. A World Without
9. Don’t Look Back
10. Fallout
11. Open Road

36 comments on “QUEENSRŸCHE – Queensrÿche

  1. Your 8/10 rating pleases me. I still have not heard the record. I am waiting on an elusive Japanese import with 4 live bonus tracks, one of which is exclusive to Japan. Rather than buy it and upgrade later as I usually do, I’ve decided to wait. I’m not made of money, sadly!

    So, since I haven’t heard this yet I can’t really comment on the music. Just the review, which I feel is even-handed and fair.

    I think there are certain bands, like Queensryche, who after enduring a major lineup change, simply have to go back and re-ground themselves with classic sounding music. Remember when Halford came back to Priest — the first thing they did was release an album that sounded vaguely like “classic Priest” as if you can define such a thing. But you know what I mean. They saved the double concept album for the next record and I think that is wise, when your band is making a resounding “return to form” in the eyes of fans and critics.

  2. Kinda says it all, doesn’t it? But I’m not surprised at all. The fans have been waiting for a Queensryche album like this and nobody gave Tate’s recent solo albums the time of day. This IS the real Queensrÿche, no doubt about that.

    • Yea they’ve been waiting alright…..lol! ….American soldier 21,000 first week, Mindcrime II 44,000, Tribe 20,000 first week sales……..your making real sense.

      • Those are all albums with the original lineup and the only one with better sales than this album was OMII, which of course had lots and lots to do with the fact that it was a sequel (and not even close to the greatness of that album) to their masterpiece. Now, it looks to me that American Soldier was the last straw for many of QR’s fans (although I thought that album was pretty good, but it seems I’m pretty alone on that). How many did Dedicated To Crap sell? And more importantly, how many copies did Frequency Unknown sell? So, yes, we are making real sense.

      • Try again it sold less than all I mentioned 13,659, you clowns are embarrassing yourselves now.

      • Yes, you are right on that one, my bad, but it’s not like I am embarrassed, anyway. Tateryche sold only 5,500 first week so Toddryche more than doubled that.

      • Neue regel, you tease us because we write reviews for free/swag? I’ll point out that you have yet to show us any of your writing work. I’ve asked three times. Funny how you make fun of others for doing something you’re incapable of.

        When you put your name on something and publish it, then I’ll give a crap what you think.

    • “Fool Like You”.

      The new album has only been out one week, demolishing Tate’s sales, and this clown is trying to spin it positive for Tate! You are hilarious man. You’re just another Blabbermouth troll aren’t you?

    • Not to mention, this clown said that you can’t compare sales figures to old albums like Tribe since the industry has changed so much. And then what does he do in this thread? Compare Toddryche to Tribe!

      Proving once again, he is a hypocrite. A hypocrite clown troll.

      • “You know your winning when all your opponent has left is name calling lol! You clowns don’t make money off these reviews you do about bands and albums you know nothing about apparently, do you?

      • Thought you weren’t trying to “Win”…bro.

        Besides rather than address my point about record sales, all you did was repeat my use of the word clown. Like a parrot.

      • I do reviews about bands and albums I know NOTHING about? How did you come up with that? Exactly what is it I know nothing about? And no, I don’t make any money off this, that has never been the case at all.

        Also, didn’t you say it wasn’t about winning? And still you write “you know you’re winning”… You’re not winning anything at all. Almost everything you write is a bunch of mumbo jumbo and half of it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. But try some lyrics, maybe they will help you this time.

        You say all we have left is name calling, something you have been doing a lot of btw, and in the same sentence you call us clowns? Couldn’t you at least try to come up with a word not already used?

        You might be a pain in the neck, but at least I get a good laugh when you’re posting all your gibberish.

      • I called you guys clowns long ago in one of the posts Jon aka “mastermind” decided too not include because it was a waste of “space” mr parrot! I also used parrot long ago mr parrot lol!…….try again!

      • Tribe? 2003 so what is your point again? Pirating music off the net was at its peek in 2003. Your embarrassing yourself again! Im starting to feel sorry for you clowns! So make some valid points or ill be forced to take you off my heckle list! ….lol

      • Your looking at activity on your review blog all wrong……think about it? You got actively, I don’t see any other actively, now all we need is another guy to make it three neue regel comment trolls and you never know word could spread and your reviews get viewed by more people, we could make it like wrestling the good guy (neue regel) against the bad guys (jon, mike)!……im telling you, your looking at this wrong! Its a buisness opportunity!

      • Dude. YOU were the one comparing the sales totals of Queensryche 2013 to Tribe! Not me. That was YOU! Are you paying attention? Hello McFly! You there McFly?

        Guy can’t even remember what he said YESTERDAY, and all he can do is repeat what WE say. He has to be a joke. There’s no way this guy is a real person.

      • Yeah, well, something is very wrong. I wonder what his diagnosis says. I mean, he must have one. At least.

  3. Just got the album. This review is pretty spot-on. I think I might rate it a 7. But we’re splitting hairs. Either way this is the best album since Promised Land.

  4. 1. Didn’t you just write that all we had left was name calling and now you’re making it a contest of who used the word clown first? And no, Mike called you a clown before that, so you’re wrong. And those post weeren’t valid as you were only repeating yourself as usual, except for one and you compared us to Nazis in that one. But I can still add those posts if it makes you happy.
    And please don’t tell me that you didn’t get Mike’s ironi on the parrot thing. If not, here’s what he meant: You called us parrots in one of your post because you said we had been stealing your lines, which none of us ever did, but as you keep on doing exactly that, Mike added “like a parrot” with a nice li’l reference to your dumbass post. Geddit?

    2. Pirating music was at its peek in 2003? Really? And you think there are less piarting now? When everybody has got faster broadband and better computers. And no matter what, Toddryche has still kicked Tateryche’s but when it comes to selling records.

    3. What the hell are you mumbling about? First, you don’t have a clue about the activity on this blog. I, on the other hand, knows all about the activity here and I’m good. Second, do you really think I would listen to anything you have to say about any business opportunities. You’re delusional.

    • Another checkmae is in store Jon for you…….now show us or tell us all where I said “you were stealing my lines”?………..your becoming better and better at sticking your own foot in your mouth……I feel sorry for you clowns! ……clowns was used by me first and you didn’t include it.

      • How are you and Team Tate going to spin these sales numbers positive? Any way you slice it, Tate lost this battle. He has proven that fans prefer the original members to the singer. How do you, Susan and Miranda plan to spin this so it looks like Tater is still the man?

        Neue regel isn’t even talking about music anymore. Just parrots and clowns and chess.

        I wonder if he even knows how to play chess…

      • Actually, a couple of days ago, I got a message on Facebook saying: “It looks like Camp-Tate are hiring people to go out on blogs and sites to try to make Tateryche sound and look like a success. Pathetic!”
        That sure would explain a lot…

      • Neue Regel doesn’t “play ball” so your facebook message explains nothing when it comes to Neue Regel ,Frequency Unknown is a good listen imo. Been going through my Megadeth catalog, I believe Mustain to be another true rockstar….8 on 10 for Toddryche to me is absurd imo.

      • Well, that is your opinion and you’re more than welcome to share it. At the end of the day, it’s only a matter of taste and some will agree with me, some with you and others won’t agree with any of us. Let’s keep it at that level, shall we?

  5. Ok, so you wrote “don’t try to steal my theory, I know you guys are like parrots”. Big fuckin difference. They mean the same thing. Anyway, that was the whole point of Mike’s “parrot” irony thing. But I guess you still don’t get it.
    Oh, btw, just checked the posts that you refer to. You didn’t use the word clown once. Do I have to post them, with your nazi accusations to prove that to you?

    But I still wonder, wasn’t name calling for those who don’t have anything else to come up with? And yoiu claim you called us clowns first? Isn’t that like admitting that you never had anything worthwhile to bring to the table? Checkmate?

  6. “Where Queensryche go to die” should be the appropriate title of that song.
    I find very little of the Queensryche I loved 1983-1990 neither on the Queensryche Queensryche album or on Geoff Tate Queensryche – Frequency Unknown album. Queensryche – Queensryche album sounds like a second-class “Promised Land” mixed with “Tribe”. Closest to the classic Queensryche sound I find on the “Frequency Unknown” album in the songs “Cold” and “Everything

    • I don’t agree, but at least something constructive is being written. Let’s do more this, alright. Thanx for reading and posting.
      And, yes, I think that “Cold” is a great song as well.

  7. Alright. Here’s the deal. This has gone too far. We are getting nowhere with this and as long as nothing constructive is being said, I’m putting an end to this so called discussion right now.
    I won’t approve any comments that aren’t about music or the reviews. This has gone all kindergarten. This will the last of me on this subject.

    • I might like it more than when it came out. Hard to say depending on my mood but I have adjusted to ToddRyche very well, it just fits naturally into the sound I like.

      • Same here. And after seeing them live, all doubts are gone for me. La Torre comes across as very natural as a replacement for Tate and as the frontman for the band. Tate is not an easy member to replace.

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