METHODS OF MAYHEM – A Public Disservice Annoucement

Methods of Mayhem - A Public Disservice AnnoucementWhen Tommy Lee left Mötley Crüe in the late 90’s due to the fact that he hated Vince Neil it was also because he had grown tired of the Mötley sound. Lee has proven over the years that he follows trends and likes to jump on the bandwagon that rolls that particular year, whatever they may be. Vince Neil’s words in The Dirt that ”…if Tommy had tits, he’d be a Spice Girl” does feels accurate after listening to his solo efforts. He released the first, self titled Method Of Mayem album in 1999 and it was a hybrid of Metal and Hip Hop, that was hip back then, not to far from the oh so popular nu-metal. The project then dissolved and Lee released two solo albums, Never A Dull Moment, that actually was pretty dull and then Tommyland : The Ride, a Nickelback pastiche that didn’t make that many people satisfied. And now he has released a new Method Of Mayhem album. Jippie! Not!

Where the debut was actually pretty good and at least interesting, this is the opposite. And I don’t get where Tommy Lee wants to go with this. Apparently he has put music on his website and then had fans sending him their musical ideas and melodies. And out of that we got – nothing. The songs doesn’t go anywhere, at times there are no songs, just sounds, single “Time Bomb” being the exception as it is pretty catchy and when the CD is finished, you sit there looking like a big question mark, wondering what the hell just happened. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I heard a worse piece of shit than this. Maybe he can get an award for recording the worst album in music history. This album is to be avoided at all costs because I can almost guarantee that no matter what your taste in music is, it won’t be this.

Jon Wilmenius (1/10)


01. Drunk Uncle Pete
02. Time Bomb
03. Louder
04. Fight Song
05. Blame
06. Two Ways
07. Talk Me Off The Ledge
08. Only One
09. All I Wanna Do
10. Back To Before
11. Party Instructions

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