SIXX A.M. – This Is Gonna Hurt

SiXX AM - This is Gonna HurtThe plan with Sixx A.M. from the start was to do a one-off thing. Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe) and his old songwriting partner James Michael brought in current Guns N Roses guitarist D.J. Ashba to record the soundtrack to his “The Heroin Diaries” biography with the same name. A brilliant thing to do. Both the book and the album and the CD sold really well and they actually managed to do a couple of one-off shows. It was a killer album that made you wish for a follow-up!  At first, that wasn’t gonna happen, but I guess the guys had a change of heart, because when Sixx started to work on his new book, which has the same name as this CD, he decided that once again it needed a soundtrack. But how on earth would they be able to follow such a brilliant album as The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack? I mean, I would have been happy if this CD had been only half as good as its predecessor.

Well, it isn’t. It’s even better. Fact is, this is probably the best CD of 2011. The only bad thing to say about this is that they used programmed drums, but the programming is so well done it actually sounds like real drums, at least most of the time. Other than that, this is just perfect. To name drop song titles here is almost impossible as the whole album is my favourite song, but heck, I’ll give it a go anyway. To pick a single here must be a ”close your eyes and point out a song” thing as almost the whole album is full of songs with single potential. Like the title track, a real killer that really knocks you out, ”Lies Of The Beautiful People” which actually is the first single, is just fantastic – a smash hit. ”Are You With Me Now” is great with a chorus to die for, ”Live Forever” is a fast track with a brilliant hook, ”Deadlihood” is catchy as hell with a really cool tango beat in the verses, but dark, ”Goodbye My Friend” sounds like the best song Muse have ever written and ”Skin” is a beautiful, dark ballad.

The production is great, the songs are great, the musicians are great and this is nothing but a masterpiece. If this CD isn’t in your record collection, well, it’s your loss, because if you don’t like this, you don’t like rock n’ roll. Did I say Album Of The Year? Good luck following this up, guys.

Jon Wilmenius (10/10)


1. This Is Gonna Hurt
2. Lies Of The Beautiful People
3. Are You With Me Now
4. Live Forever
5. Sure Feels Right
6. Deadlihood
7. Smile
8. Help Is On The Way
9. Oh My God
10. Goodbye My Dear Friends
11. Skin

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