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GRAND DESIGN – Time Elevation

Grand Design - Time ElevationI really don’t know much about this band other than that they are from Sweden and that they come from four other different bands,  who decided that they wanted to make a great album full of melodic rock that sometimes borders to AOR, music they listened to themselves in the late 80’s / early 90’s. The end result isn’t great, but this still is a good record. Their biggest problem isn’t that the songs aren’t good enough, because they are. The problem is that it feels like they have tried to make a Def Leppard album. A song or two, fine, but this CD just reeks of Def Lep. ”Love Sensation” is a good song with a big hit feel that sounds like a heavier Leppard, while  ”Sad Sound Of Goodbye” IS Hysteria and ”No Time For Love” is really great but it is also almost more Def Leppard than Leppard themselves.  Other than that we have ”Air It Out”, a great melodic rock song that really could be a hit and ”Love Will Know”, a decent ballad.

There aren’t any bad songs on here but it is however a bit too mainstream for comfort. Also, it’s easy to hear that the guys are really good musicians, plus if you’re able to rip off another band like this and still make the songs come out good, then my guess is that they could probably write songs with a little more identity as well. Maybe next time. SO if you think that Def Leppard sucks nowadays, then this might be for you, but me, I’d rather just check out the D section of my record collection once more.

Jon Wilmenius (6/10)

Track list:

1. Love Sensation
2. Slugged Out
3. Air It Out
4. Piece Of The Action
5. Sad Sound Of Goodbye
6. No Time For Love
7. Hello Mr. Heartache
8. Let’s Go Down Fighting
9. Sheik Iddup
10. Love Will Know

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