Sister Sin at Vasby Rck Festival 2013

Sister Sin

When I first discovered Sister Sin back in 2008 with their second album Switchblade Serenades, I thought they were an ok band, no more, no less. Their brand of sleaze, glam and heavy metal was fun enough, though and I kept my eyes open to see if I could catch them live at some point. That didn’t happen then, but it was close when they were touring their killer second album True Sound Of The Underground (2011). They were playing Stockholm Rock Out Festival, but they played so early that I only got to see the two last songs. But that was enough for make me wanting more. The first time I witnessed a whole gig by the band was at Sweden Rock Festival this year and they sure made one helluva impression on me, so their addition to the Väsby Rock Festival got a thumbs up from me. Of course, expectations were pretty high after they blew me away at SRF!

Their set list was more or less the same as at SRF, only they had to play a shorter set here so some songs had to go. The sun was burning hot when Sister Sin kicked off their set with “End Of The Line” and the crowd wasn’t that big, but they just went for the throat right off the spot. To say that this band is pure dynamite is an understatement and the whole band works real hard, but with a front woman with so much attitude, passion and heart, like singer Liv Jagrell, the rest of the band really ends up in her shadow. And speaking of hot, the appearance of this raven haired bombshell mixed with the fist-in-your-face kind of metal that they play didn’t exactly cool anyone down. The band kept giving it their all with killer cuts like “The Fight Song”, the aggressive but catchy brilliant “The Chosen Few”, “Outrage” and the cover of U.D.O.’s “24/7”. It’s not very often that a cover beats the original, but in this case it does. When U.D.O. plays it, it’s a good song, but when it’s done Sister Sin way, it’s a gut puncher. The band finishes with “True Sound Of The Underground” and even though it’s a really great song, I would have preferred the jawbreaker “Beat ’em Down”. That song should never be left out of a Sister Sin gig!

Once again it’s a pleasure to state that Sister Sin kicked my ass big time. I have heard people say that Sister Sin is too mediocre to make it big. I beg to differ – they are anything but mediocre – and as a live act they are an extremely hard act to follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rise to be one really big metal band really soon. Until then, if they are in your hood, check them out. And don’t forget to buy their albums.


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