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SKIN – Breaking The Silence

Skin - Breaking the SilenceThe first time I heard Skin, when they had just released their self titled debut album, I was completely floored. Their Aerosmith influenced hard rock with an AOR flavoured melody grabbed me and shook me up real hard and I was convinced that this band were about to be huge. Also, seeing them live didn’t change that either – quite the opposite. However, when the band released the follow-up, Lucky, grunge and alternative music had become the biggest thing since sliced bread and unfortunately that had rubbed off on the band and especially on the band’s main songwriter, guitarist Myke Gray. The album had its moments, but too many of the album’s 14 tracks were alternative and the album failed to match the success of the debut. They released one more album, Experience Electric, but by then they had already fallen into obscurity and no one gave a crap anymore so they split. And since then, the end of the nineties, it has been awfully quiet with no sign of life from none of the members. Until now.

All of a sudden the original line up, Gray with brilliant singer Neville MacDonald, Andy Robbins on bass and drummer Dicki Fliszar decided to reunite for some live gigs. But that was it. A new album would not appear, according to the band. The gigs were just to be one offs for nostalgia reasons. Of course the band then decided to make a new album because out of public demand. And now it’s here. After just one spin I can congratulate the band for a job well done, because the album is a killer. First song ”Good To Be Back” sets the standard for the album. It’s raunchy, it rocks and kicks behind and you immediately recognize the style they created for themselves with their debut all those many years ago. ”Don’t Call It Love” and ”Stronger” continues in that vein, although a bit more commercial. But the songs are great and that style fits them and especially singer MacDonald’s voice extremely well. ”Book Of Our lives” is more melodic and almost poppy and sticks like glue in your mind. There are also two brilliant ballads on here. ”When I’m With You” is a total hit and ”Redemption” is fantastic with its gospel influences that rolls great with the rock ballad sound.

On a sadder note, we hear that Skin has decided that this is really it now. No more albums and maybe, maybe just the odd show here and there. Which is a shame, because if you have this much great music in you, it’s a waste not to continue putting it out. On the other hand, if this is their last album, I’m really glad they put it out because it would be a shame if a band like this would go into music history with just one killer album to leave behind them. This is easily their best since their debut, in fact, some of the songs here are even better. Great comeback and I say, keep on going!

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


01. Good To Be Back
02. Don’t Call It Love
03. Stronger
04. Can You Feel It
05. The Book Of Your Life
06. When I’m With You
07. Trigger Inside
08. Indestructible
09. Redemption
10. Bad Reputation
11. Born To Rock & Roll

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