Hardcore Superstar - Split Your LipWhen Hardcore Superstar first started out, they weren’t the household name name they are today (at least in their native Sweden). They released a bunch of obscure albums that gave them a couple of minor hits, but they actually never went anywhere. Then they split up for a while until they realised that they should be rocking together after all. But they needed a change, musically. So they went ahead and recorded their, now classic self titled album, a.k.a The Black Album (no we’re not talking Metallica here). The album became a smash and since then they have established themselves as one of Sweden’s major acts. Besides that, they have created a style that is very much their own. But you can only take it so far, before you need to do a little something to make it sound fresh again. And that’s exactly what happened to the boys with their precious album Beg For It. That album was their third after their reunion and it lacked in songwriting and their sound, their albums were always self-produced, started to feel old.

So for this album they decided to get a producer. Good move. And the producer in this case was non other than Tobias Lindell, a guy who had produced big sellers for bands like Mustasch and Europe. And it worked splendidly. In fact, never had a Hardcore Superstar album sounded this good. And not only the sound, the songs kicks ass as well. You instantly hear that this is Hardcore Superstar, but the songs on here are easily their best to date. And that from a band who normally writes killer songs. ”Sadistic Girls” is a great opener and a classic HCSS, ”Guestlist” is a killer track about all the hangarounds who have no place in the backstage area. It’s aggressive and full of attitude. The title track is right in your face with a killer hook and the single ”Moonshine” is bluesy and has a chorus that sticks glue to your brain. On ”Here Comes That Sick Bitch” they walk into, for the band, a new territory. The song is a stripped down acoustic thing, but still full of aggression and attitude. The same thing can be said of ”Run To Your Mama”, only this time they only use a piano instead of a guitar – Well done! My personal favourite is ”Bully”, a classic HCSS song, raw and raunchy, but with a melody and chorus so catchy it’s impossible to get out of your head. I’m happy to say that the boys have made their best album so far and I’m sure there is more where that came from. Can’t wait for the next one.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


01. Sadistic Girls
02. Guestlist
03. Last Call For Alcohol
04. Split Your Lip
05. Moonshine
06. Here Comes The Sick Bitch
07. What Did I Do
08. Bully
09. Won’t Go To Heaven
10. Honeymoon
11. Run To Your Mama

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