Dnazty - Vasby Rock Festival 2013


I was on my way through the festival gates when I heard Dynazty kick into the intro to todays opening track “Love Junkie”, one of the best songs of their latest album Sultans Of Sin. I have seen the band on several occasion lately and no matter how big the crowd or if the sound isn’t top-notch, these guys always give it their all. As a live band, they have matured big time since I first saw them and today they are a killer live act. The fact that Dynazty had to start early, they played as the second act at noon, and the fact that there wasn’t a great deal of tickets sold, there were a surprisingly big crowd that showed up for their gig. That delighted me as I think that Dynazty deserves far more attention than they are given. With three very good records into their career and a fourth being recorded as we speak, I think it feels a bit unfair that they had to play this early. But if the guys were disappointed at their early spot, they sure didn’t show it. The guys were all smiles and they played like they were playing for thousands of people. Also, this was only the second gig for new bass player Jonathan Olsson who has replaced the departed Joel “Fox” Appelgren. I couldn’t have guessed as the boys were as tight as ever. Also, lead singer Nils Molin has matured a lot. The guy has always had a voice that could break glass, but now he has found his own style and a raspiness that fits the high-pitched sound like a glove. The band played a fine mix of older stuff like “Lights Out (in Candyland)”, “Bring The Thunder” and “Throne Of China” along with a brand new song called “Dawn Of Your Creation” and the finishing should-have-been-a-huge-hit “Raise Your Hands”. To judge by the sound of the new song, Dynazty will take a slightly different turn sound wise with the new album. The song has a chorus that’s catchier than chlamydia, but it shows a more modern twist and I need to hear it more to judge if that’s the way I would want Dynazty to go. But as a whole, this was one of the best gigs I have seen them play. If you get the chance to see them live, don’t miss it. I didn’t hear one bad word about their gig from anyone. The sure gave the rest of the bands a good run for their money.


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