The Murder of my Sweet - Bye Bye LullabyI must admit, the only reason I bothered to check this Swedish band out in the first place was that I read in a music magazine that former Therion bass player Johan Niemann had joined them. That was back in 2010 and the album they had just released was Divinity. But what I found was a very good record full of gothic pop metal. The closest bands to compare them with are Evanescence or Within Temptation, although TMOMS’s music draws more towards a kind of almost musical (as in a musical) direction. However, after their first album was released, there was some member changes within the band, Niemann was one who jumped ship and my guess was that this band would come to an end. For some reason, they felt more like project than a band.

So it was a bit of a surprise when I heard that a new album was on the way and of course, I really liked their debut, so I really had to see if they could deliver the goods once more – And I’m glad to say that they did!

In lead singer Angelica Rylin, they have a real asset. She’s not far removed from Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) or Amy Lee (Evanescence) or even Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish), although without Tarja’s annoying high pitch. But she really should work on her English, her accent makes it very obvious that she’s Scandinavian and sometimes it feels almost embarrassing that her pronunciation is so bad. Still, her performance is great and that goes for the rest of the band as well.

Also, they have the song material to go with that. ”Armageddon” is a pretty heavy number with a nice chorus, ”Fallen” is catchy as Hell with its Within Temptation vibe, ”Unbreakable” is like a heavy AOR song that wouldn’t had been put to shame on one of Issa’s albums (if you have slightest idea of who she is…) and ”Meant To Last Forever” is a marvelous power ballad that could have been written some time in the early 90’s. ”Waiting For The 27th” sounds like a musical in just one song and should please anyone who are into the latest Nightwish album and if anybody should get the idea of making a musical based on AOR melodies, then ”Black September” should be included in that. But in my book, they saved the best for last. ”Phantom Pain” is my favourite on here. Really heavy, but still brilliantly catchy. You keep on humming that one long after the album has come to its end.

For fans of the bands that I mentioned earlier in this review, who might be looking for something new, this lot would probably not disappoint anyone and if you liked their debut, you will probably dig this one as well. Sound wise, it doesn’t differ that much from it, maybe a little more influences from AOR, but nothing that changes the sound much, the metal vibe is still very much there.

Me, I’m very curious of how this band will come off live. Hello, Sweden Rock?

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)

01. Armageddon
02. Fallen
03. Unbreakable
04. I Dare You
05. Violently Peaceful
06. Meant To Last Forever
07. Idolize
08. Kind Of Lousy
09. The One
10. Resurrection
11. Waiting For The 27th (Booh Prologue)
12. Black September
13. Phantom Pain

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