BUCKCHERRY – All Night Long

ALL NIGHT LONGWhen Buckcherry first started out they never got the recognition they so well deserved.  It was the end of the 90’s and grunge still dominated the charts with nu-metal ready to take over. Everything that were remotely connected to Sleaze, Glam or any other Melodic Rock were doomed. Their self titled debut album that came out in 1999 spawned the hits “For The Movies”, “Dead Again” and the cocaine glorifying “Lit Up”. The album sold fairly well, it went Gold in the States, but the follow up Time Bomb (2001) didn’t go down that well, neither critics nor fans appreciated it and it didn’t sell. So after only two albums, Buckcherry – the band that was seen as the new hope for the melodic sleazy hard rock, called it a day. But in 2006 singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson teamed up with three new guys, resurrected the band and released 15, got a huge hit with the song “Crazy Bitch” and shipped platinum. How’s that for a come back? Looking back on that time, it seems that Buckcherry (a funny play on words of Chuck Berry…) were more on a hiatus than an actual split. Fast forward two years and we saw the release of the brilliant Black Butterfly album (my favourite Buckcherry CD) and the success continued – the album reached # 8 on the Billboard 200 list. It was probably much to the fact that both Grunge and Nu-Metal were in a coma and real rock ’n’ roll had a big revival. Now they’re back with a follow up that isn’t that far away from its predecessor, sound wise.

All Night Long is a party record, made for an out-door gig with nice weather and a couple of cold ones in hand, it’s made for a Saturday night with 50 of your closest friends, drinking and partying while played really loud. ”All Night Long” and ”Oh My Lord” are both brilliant, groovy and catchy with a rawness that makes them perfect in a live situation and on the after party. And then there is ”It’s A Party”. Well, yes, it really is. It’s THE party song. If you don’t stomp your feet to that one you either have no rhythm in your body what so ever or you’re paralyzed from your waist down. In ”Bliss” they have a ballad that could very well become a hit with some luck. With “Never Say Never” they touch on the more commercial side of rock ‘n’ roll – a very catchy chorus and a mainstream hook, it really shouldn’t have any problem getting air play if they release it as a single. “Recovery” and “Dead” are both rockers that are very much Buckcherry. Sleazy and raw, but with great melodies.

There is really nothing at all to complain about here. Great songs, great performance, great sound, great production. The fact that Buckcherry aren’t a mega band already is a bit of a mystery, if you ask me. They have the songs, the musical skills and the look to go really far and If the world is a fairly fair place, then this is the album that transfer Buckcherry into mega stardom. Get this and help them on their way.

Jon Wilmenius (8/10)


01. All Night Long
02. It’s A Party
03. These Things
04. Oh My Lord
05. Recovery
06. Never Say Never
07. I Want You
08. Liberty
09. Our World
10. Bliss
11. Dead


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