The Twins of Evil – Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie

Twins of Evil - Hovet, Stockholm 2012When the two horror rockers Manson and Zombie declared that they would tour together, on paper it  looked like a match made in heaven (or Hell, maybe). But as we all knew that the two masters of shock really can’t stand each other, it wasn’t even close to obvious that the tour would run smoothly. But for the most part, the tour has been running without any major head butts, although there has been some name calling from the stage a little now and then. For me, who has never seen Manson live and Zombie only in the light of day, it would be the first time I would catch their live show the way it was supposed to.

First of all, I thought it was a bit strange that Manson played before Zombie as I have always thought that Manson is the biggest selling artist of the two of them, but it turned out that Manson got the opening slot while Zombie played as headline. It was first when this spectacle had ended that I realised why the running order was the way it was. More of that later.

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