The Dead Daisies – Revolución

The Dead Daisies - RevolucionThe Dead Daisies are a band that was really close to fall on the wayside with me and there was a big risk that I’d never did listen to them at all. Why? Well, as much as I try to be open-minded when it comes to music, I too have a shallow and narrow-minded side sometimes. See, band-names that I think suck has a tendency to get on my tits and when that happens, I can get really obstinate. My first acquaintance with the band was when they gave away their self-titled debut album to us that subscribe to Classic Rock Magazine and even then I wasn’t sure whether I’d give it a fair shot. But since Slash had decided to guest the album with a guitar solo on the song “Lock ‘n’ Load”, I thought, why not? The album didn’t sound all that bad so I decided to give it a fair chance. Besides, there were some interesting members in the band.

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