Ghost – Infestissumam

Ghost - InfestissumamTo follow up a successful album, specially a debut,can be a really hard task. To follow up the biggest hype of the decade really should make even the best musician somewhat sweaty. When Ghost released their debut album Opus Eponymous in 2010, they created quite a stir. Not only for their very melodic Blue Öyster Cult meets Mercyful Fate brand of 70’s rock to shove their satanic messages into people’s minds, but also for their image and the way they expressed themselves. Their main character and lead singer, Papa Emeritus appeared as an evil pope with converted crosses and who he might be for real was held in secrecy and when interviews was being made, the interviewer was blindfolded and then taken to an unknown area and when the interview was over, the same thing on their way back.

The rest of the band, two guitarists, a bassist, drummer and a keyboard player are only known as nameless Ghouls who perform wearing masked hoods. A very smart move as they created a mystique around themselves that echoed all around the world. And it worked like a charm. When people like James Hetfield wear your t-shirt while raving about you on national tv and guys like Duff McKagan and Phil Anselmo holds you as one of their favourites, there’s a big chance that you won’t fail. Of course, holding their identities a secret in these days of internet is almost impossible and it didn’t take long for people to find out who was hiding behind the Papa figure. So what to do? Change of character, of course. During a gig before the release of their new album, a new pope was presented as Papa Emeritus II and the mike was handed over by the old Papa.

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