Testament – Titans of Creation

Reading around on forums and talking to people it seems like Testament fans are divided in two parts when the favorite eras of their career is being discussed. Either you dig their classic, 80’s era the most – which it seems most of their fans do – or you prefer their more recent stuff, after the reunion of the classic line-up, a line-up that has been changed around since then. Very few seems to hold their Death Metal influenced Demonic (1997) era (that’s the only Testament record I can’t stand, by the way) or their more melodic Metal era of The Ritual (1992) as their faves. I was never a Testament fan when I grew up. Thrash and Speed Metal never was my music of choice and from the little I had heard, I dismissed them as nothing but Metallica wannabees. Fact is, the only Testament album I liked for a long time was actually The Ritual. But everything changed when I stumbled over the reunion album The Formation Of Damnation (2008).

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