Semblant – Obscura

As soon as the link for this album hit my mailbox, I reacted to the name. Semblant. I knew I had heard about this lot before. In fact, I was sure I had listened to them at some point. A quick search through my iTunes library told me that yes, I had an album by the band. Don’t ask me how it landed there because I just can’t recall. Neither can I recall what they sounded like or if I dug it or not. Well, the record obviously didn’t make much of an impression with me and when I googled the band I knew why. Melodic, gothic Heavy/Death Metal. Death Metal is one of the Hard Rock sub-genres I still can’t wrap my head around and Goth? Well, it’s very rare that I take an interest in that. But since quitting is for quitters, I’d be damned if I didn’t give the band a fighting chance, so I took on the album with an open mind.

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