DeCarlo – Lightning Strikes Twice

From afar, a very small bell rang when I read the name DeCarlo. I thought I must have read the name in some review, article or interview somewhere but I couldn’t figure out from where. It was first when I read the press-release for DeCarlo’s debut album that I found out that lead singer Tommy DeCarlo is the lead singer in Boston – and has been so since 2007. I admit, I’m not the world’s biggest Boston fan, but it’s hard to look past the fact that the band’s 1976 debut album is nothing short of a true Rock classic. I quite like the two follow-ups as well and the fact that the band has sported numerous of great hits is indisputable. But when it comes to Boston, I’m not that well-informed and that’s probably why I really wasn’t aware of DeCarlo being the Boston singer. I did however reviewed Boston’s latest effort Life, Love & Hope (2013), but that was seven years ago plus it did include several other singers and I didn’t like the album at all, so I had probably just forgotten about it.

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