Passion – Passion

New bands. New music by old bands. I love that. The world would be a way duller place without finding new stuff. Unfortunately, many of whom has reached my age have stopped caring long ago and are comfortable listening to their old records and to Classic Rock radio. On one hand, I get why – people get older, get married, have kids, buys houses and a family car with accompanying mortgages which means working more hours and then there’s the kids dancing lessons, hockey, soccer etc. practice – there’s simply enough time to indulge in checking stuff out like when they were younger. But the other part of me just don’t get why as an old music fan you can help yourself from doing it. Maybe I’m just a weird specimen and the rest is the normal ones. That’s why I love young dudes and dudettes for still trying and older rockers for never giving in. And labels like Frontiers for signing up them all in a time when people think that Spotify is da shit and never buys hard copies at all.

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