Autumn’s Child – Autumn’s Child

Personally, I have had a weak spot for Last Autumn’s Dream since the brilliant 2008 album Yes. However, as of lately their sound has become pretty safe with the albums sounding a bit too samey. Erlandsson’s solo album was a magnificent record that landed somewhere between AOR and Melodic Rock and song wise, at many times it could pass as a more raunchy and gritty version of Last Autumn’s Dream, something I had been raising my voice about for some time. Now it looks like Last Autumn’s Dream is on hiatus for an indeterminate future but to sit idle wasn’t Erlandsson’s song and dance so what to do but to start anew. Instead of starting up a new version of LAD, he brought in H.E.A.T. keyboarder Jona Tee, Mustasch drummer Robban Bäck (ex- Eclipse, W.E.T., Sabaton), guitarists Claes Andersson and Pontus Åkesson (Moon Safari) with Joel Starander and Peter Samuelsson chipping in on bass. The band’s name and the album-cover art made it clear that this band was a LAD out-branch. But with a new song writing team, would this differ a lot from LAD or would Erlandsson go into the same direction?

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