Easy Action – That Makes One (remastered)

Since I write every review on this site myself and I only write on my spare-time, there are records that I usually ignore – because there’s only 24 hours in a day. Compilation albums, re-releases, re-recordings and live albums usually never makes it online here. But there are exceptions whenever I see fit. This album is one of those exceptions. Why? Well, because this album has meant shitloads to me since the day it was released back in 1986. I discovered Easy Action in 1984 when they were still a Glam Rock band and featured vocalist Zinny Zan (Shotgun Messiah, Stagman), guitarists Kee Marcello (Europe, Red Fun) and Chris Lind (who called himself Lynn back then), bassist Alex Tyrone (Sha-Boom) and drummer Freddie Von Gerber (who went by the name Van Gerber, also in Red Fun and Rat Bat Blue) because of a documentary / live gig that was sent on Swedish television and I was struck right off the bat.

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