Airbourne – Boneshaker

Even though the quota for AC/DC clones has been filled ages ago, I was still pretty much floored when fellow Aussies Airbourne released their debut album Runnin’ Wild back in 2007. The energy, spark and sheer passion for driven, straight-forward and edgy Rock ‘n’ Roll – and of course the killer song-writing, made the album impossible to resist. And truth be told, even though the AC/DC influences were everywhere on the album, I never saw Airbourne as clones. AC/DC was in there, so was Rose Tattoo but they also had the fuck-you attitude and party-til-u-puke outlook of bands like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead and the mix made them sound like their own beast. I had one worry already after the debut album though. How would the band take their music further after this? How would they develop their sound without sounding repetitive. I mean, their heroes AC/DC has been accused more than once for recording the same album over and over again.

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