Steel Panther – Heavy Metal Rules

I admit, I fully embraced Steel Panther’s juvenile and pubertal piss-take on 80’s glam-metal – which also included a big passion and love for the genre – from go. Their debut album Feel The Steel (2009) still puts a moronic grin on my face when I hear it. But, Steel Panther weren’t only a joke-band, the guys could – and still can – play like the best of them and they sure know their way around a big hook and a catchy chorus. When I saw the band live the first time it was part rock-concert and part Heavy Metal stand-up comedy. I laughed myself silly and I wasn’t the only one. But I also wondered just how far Steel Panther could take their brand before it got old. Too bad for Steel Panther, it didn’t last all that long. I liked their second album Balls Out (2011) as well and another brain-dead in the name of fun gig at Sweden Rock brought on a good time for me. But after that, I found it hard to go further with the band.

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4 comments on “Steel Panther – Heavy Metal Rules

  1. I’m with you completely on this one. It was funny at first and I saw them in L.A. about 9 years ago and had a blast. These guys can play, but the humor is played out now. I wish they would change it up a little and do comedy more in line with how the Darkness does it.

    • Yeah. I mean, they’re really good musicians and song writers so to go more “serious” shouldn’t be a problem for them. They can always go back and do Metal Skool whenever they need to bring in some extra cash.

  2. Absolutely. But the thing is, the third time I watched SP, I left after just a few songs. Even the jokes and stand-up comedy parts were the same old, same old with nothing new under the sun at all.

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