Opeth – In Cauda Venenum

Since Opeth decided to go all in on Prog-rock and lose the growling, much of the Metal in their music went the same way. Not that they’re not Metal anymore, they are, but the most brutal parts, the Death Metal in their music pretty much disappeared. So from Heritage (2011) and forward, that’s what Opeth has provided us with which in turn has become a watershed (sic!) among their fans. Some hate their new stuff, some prefer the new stuff and some – like me – love both. But I can understand the criticism, that old fans miss the heaviness and raw Metal because I miss it at times as well – my favorite album is still Watershed (2008). That said, Opeth still have their own sound and it’s not like they have stopped sounding like Opeth which in turn makes it hard to grasp how anyone can love the older albums and hate the newer ones.

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