Treat, Fryshuset Klubben, Stockholm 2019-10-26

The reason for this one-off gig was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album Organized Crime, to many Treat’s finest moment. I’m bound to agree on that – at least it’s their finest moment on their first round as a band, a round that ended in 1993. It’s puzzling why that album didn’t make Treat superstars back in 1989. To 1989 standards, it had everything – the sound, the songs, brilliant musicians, the looks. Why that album didn’t break the band big is anyone’s guess and to me it’s a mystery. So when Treat throws a party this evening – the first time with their old-new bass player Nalle Påhlsson who left the band in 2012 and has now returned to replace his replacement Pontus Egberg who left the band earlier this year – it’s with focus on Organized Crime. As a fan, I was excited as there are many songs on that record I have never heard live. Sadly enough, for different reasons I missed openers Art Nation. A bummer because I really like that band.

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