Sascha Paeth’s Masters Of Ceremony – Signs of Wings

Sascha Paeth. If you are at least a little well versed in Metal – and especially Power Metal – that name should ring at least a smaller kind of bell. With that I mean that even if you’re not overly familiar with the guy, something in you should go “I’m sure I have seen that name somewhere”. Sascha Paeth is mostly known from his production duties that includes acts such as Rhapsody, Angra, Kamelot, After Forever and Edguy but also as a guitarist with his own band Heaven’s Gate who released their debut album back in 1989. Today, Paeth is very much Tobias Sammet’s go-to guy in Avantasia where he has helped out with both production, engineering and mixing on all albums plus the fact that he’s that project’s guitar player, both in the studio (where he also contributes with keyboards and some bass) and live. As a guy not very big on European Power Metal, it was through Avantasia – which I love and do not consider Power Metal anymore – I got acquainted with Paeth’s name.

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