Phil Lanzon – 48 Seconds

Let’s kick off this review with a confession: When I, about a year ago or so, got the reviewer’s download link to Phil Lanzon’s debut solo album If You Think I’m Crazy, I didn’t know whether to bother with it or not. I knew Lanzon’s name and some of his whereabouts and my first encounter with his name was on British AOR:sters Grand Prix’s brilliant debut Samurai from 1983. I also knew that Lanzon was a part of Andy Scott’s Sweet for a while and that he has been the keyboard-player in Uriah Heep since 1986. But Lanzon was never a guy for the spotlight and even though I knew he wrote the best track – the title-track – from Samurai, I thought to myself; “who’s gonna buy a solo album from Phil Lanzon?”. I know I would probably never had given that record one thought if it wasn’t for that link. I’m not saying this to bash on Lanzon because I know he’s a brilliant musician, but a solo album from a keyboard player who’s been working solidly as a band member with no solo excursion to his name at all?

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