Narnia – From Darkness to Light

Christian Metal. I know that some metalheads have a problem listening to bands praising God and I can understand that the message isn’t really what people might want to hear when the go all in, listening to metal. But on the other hand, they have no problem listening to satanic metal and if we’re being honest, those are just two sides of the same coin. It’s religion and both sides want to spread their message to the people. Personally, I don’t give a crap as I’m not the least religious myself. God and Satan are both fictive characters made up by men, the way I see it but if you want to believe in either, whatever gets you through the night. Musically, I have no problem listening to both sides if I love the songs – and I’m a huge Stryper fan. I also dig Dimmu Borgir. So as long as you deliver the goods musically and bring me great records I’m fine with whatever – knock yourself out. And musically, please knock me out as well.

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