Tony Mills – Beyond the Law

As a teen who’d got a taste of Melodic Rock and AOR through Def Leppard and Bon Jovi back in 1984, I was totally floored when the radio played Shy’s “Hold On (To Your Love)” one year later. I spent a few years playing their albums Brave The Storm (1985) and the magnificent Excess All Areas (1987) until I wore them out, totally convinced that they one day would be in the same league as the two mentioned acts. When they went all in to break the U.S., the album Misspent Youth (1989) that was supposed to that, bombed completely. It had good songs but also a production that was a total disaster – it was almost unlistenable. The fact that said album was produced by a producer-icon like Roy Thomas Baker (Queen) made the whole thing a mystery. This debacle made their whole USA venture a total failure and the guys had to turn back home to England with their tails between their legs – and with a lead singer short.

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