Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild

One thing I have been criticized for is that I, apparently, have a habit of giving out too high scores, especially when it comes to bands like Crazy Lixx and such. Why? Well, some people think that high scores really can’t be given to bands that’s not original enough and that 9’s and 10’s are only for classic albums and masterpieces. Well, there are classics that I’m not overly fond of and what’s a masterpiece really lies in the eye (ear) of the beholder, as far as I’m concerned. Well, for all of you, you can might as well stop reading now before your arteries explodes because here comes another one. Yes, I know I’m ahead of myself here but that’s the way it is. See, I really dig Crazy Lixx. A lot. Always have. Does that mean that they’re in for a high score here just because they’re Crazy Lixx? Of course not. Deliver a crap record and I will bring out my chainsaw but the thing is, they have never disappointed me (much) and I really don’t think they ever will.

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